A Very Blessed Easter

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! A lot of people forget the religious aspect of Easter but it really was humbling for me this year. As I further develop my faith I found myself tearing up in church on Sunday morning.

Spring weather finally decided to show up for a couple days this weekend and it was glorious. It brought some much needed smiles around to these parts. With warmer weather I finally felt like I could get a much awaited for ICED coffee. 

Image Friday night I went to the YMCA with one of my best friends and her 8mo old daughter for some swimming. It was so cute and fun. It’s amazing how easily amused babies are… and the fact that she loves the water is awesome! Then her husby decided to stay home with the little one and we went out for a martini and just chatted! I forget how nice girl talk is sometimes.

Saturday was everything I’ve needed the past few weeks. I did skip my long run {{again…}} and felt guilty about that for a couple hours. But then Tyler came over and since it was in the 50s we went on a 2mile walk and just talked. Sat on a bench overlooking the lake and addressed some issues that really needed to be addressed regarding me and how it’s affecting our relationship. There were tears, but it was necessary. It really opened my eyes to how this process has affected him. It was just what we needed to clear the air and I have been smiling non-stop ever since!
Since we wanted to spend time with both our families this holiday we did Easter on Saturday with my family. My grandma cooked up a divine pork tenderloin. I was having some mental issues with food and how I see my body unfortunately so I didn’t eat much but what I did try was fantastic. Just being with my family and Tyler was more than enough. 
Sunday we went to church with his family. His family is Catholic and I am non-denominational. While I have my reservations about Catholicism I still found the mass to be beautiful and encompass all the important aspects of Easter.

The rest of the Sunday was full of BASKETBALL. Kevin Ware’s fracture had me mesmerized…in a gross way. Did you see it? If not and you don’t get the heebie-jeebies—check THIS out. It’s probably the worst sports injury I’ve ever seen. And the raw emotion the players showed for his teammate shows what sports is really about. 


{quite possibly my favorite picture of us}


On a lighter note: with Lousiville winning—I beat Ty in our bracket. He now has to eat veggies twice a week and cook me dinner of my choosing. Eating veggies will be a huge undertaking for him because he hates all veggies.. but it’ll benefit him 🙂

So all in all it was a fabulous weekend. I have a busy April coming up and it’s going to cruise by. Stick around for my next post where I’ll be talking about some of my goals to help myself with the depression. 🙂 


Monday Mantra:



Weekend Recap

 Before I start off–I just want to thank each and every one of you who commented on my last post. It means more than you will ever know to hear your kind, sweet & heartfelt words on something that is very difficult for me to discuss. As I make improvements in my lifestyle I will be re-visiting that post and keeping ya’ll updated. Just know that things are changing and improvements are starting to happen 🙂 

What an amazing weekend I just had. I wish I could rewind and just press pause. A lot of time was spent with Tyler since my weekends here before I leave for training this summer are really winding down. Bittersweet-I want to go to training to get qualified but I don’t want to leave Tyler and my friends/family. Good thing it’s only 4 months.

Now for the weekend highlights! 

Friday: I FINALLY convinced drug Tyler to the theatre to se Safe Haven! Turns out he actually liked it. I thought it was really good-but the book was better {isn’t it always?}


After the movie we did a lot of relaxing and cracked open a bottle of Cherry Wine from Door County–swoon. 

Because my body has an internal alarm clock I woke up real early on Saturday while I let sleepyhead Tyler sleep in a bit longer. Filled my time reading the new Fitness with my favorite inspiration Jillian Michaels on the cover & some of my favorite coffee.Image

Once he finally got up we went for a nice workout. Followed by being bums. Eventually it was time to get ready for a dinner and some BADGER HOCKEY! 

We opted for ‘real people’ seats instead of the student section and it was a good call. We were in the third tier but center ice and it was so nice to sit and enjoy the game and each others company without a bunch of {drunk} college students. 


Badgers ended up winning 4-1 and advancing. ON WISCONSIN! 

Sunday morning I woke up and did the Shamrock Shuffle 10k. Tyler didn’t do it because he didn’t want to spend $40 on it. But he did surprise me at mile 5 right before I scaled Mt Everest Observatory Hill.. it definitely helped me out. 

I finished in 57:24. Which I’ll take being that my previous PR was 1:00.01 {yes my goal that day was to beat 1hr..just my luck!} But disappointed a little because I was on course for a sub 55min except the hills killed me on the way back. 

Tyler and I got lunch at Cosi with his brother and just spent the rest of the day relaxing and doing some meal prep for the week. It was truly a GREAT weekend 🙂 

Time to fold some laundry and watch the Biggest Loser finale! ❤ 

Phone Dump!

Well… I finally caught that cold that I’ve been avoiding for weeks now. Tyler has been sick for months with a few ‘healthy’ days here and there so it was only a matter of time. So far it’s only isolated in my chest (i.e. deep barking cough) so cross your fingers that it stays that way and doesn’t become a complete head cold!
Needless to say, I left work after 2 hours this morning. I was going to try to make it to lunch but that just wasn’t going to happen.
Because I feel like garbage–here’s an Instagram dump of the happenings lately 🙂


Turns out I’m capable of dressing like a human being once in a while…only cause I had a work conference 😉


Tyler and I studied together at a local coffee shop. He did his school work and I began my NASM work!


Ty & I went to the Badger game on Sunday night… they killed Penn State 5-0. Anytime the Badgers get 5 goals your ticket stub gives you a free scoop of custard @ Culvers!


Ordered a shirt from the amazing and always inspiring Dorothy & I was so excited to get it in the mail tomorrow. Taking it for an inaugural {TEMPO} tomorrow!


Since the sickness really set in on Monday I did a self-pedicure and had a glass of wine from Door County while watching The Bachelor 🙂 Image

I finally bought new Army boots while I was at my work conference at Ft McCoy. I need to break these shiny boots in before I head to Ft Leonard Wood for the summer. {if any readers are from St Louis area–let me know!}



Despite the chest cold, went for a lift & swim.


And got some of my favorite Vanilla Rooibos tea from Starbucks before hunkering in for the night.

On tonights agenda: Meal planning, baking brownies for Tyler who has a tough 2 weeks coming at school, and doing damage control on the DVR.

Tell Me: Have you gotten sick yet this winter? Any remedies? 

A Weekend For the Books

Last week I was so ridiculously busy (more on that to come soon!) that no matter how hard I tried I could not get the time to blog. I have so many fun things to share I don’t even know where to start.

The work week went so slowly last week because I had an amazing weekend with the boyfriend planned.

Friday started with a big job interview (spoiler alert!) then the last slooowwwww day at work. Then I was off to Milwaukee to recreate Tyler and my first date in December of 2011.

The night before we left for the Rose Bowl last year he took me to Water Street Brewery downtown on Water Street. So that’s where we were off to Friday night. I made sure to eat healthy all week so I could indulge this weekend (although I still felt somewhat guilty).


{sadly I have no pictures of him and I cause my mom has my memory card.}

After a fabulous meal it was off to an outdoor ice rink. While this year felt so different as we now are in a serious relationship with a year under our belt, it was amazing to go on this romantic date again.

In 2011 this was the first time he held my hand. & I’ve never looked back since. ❤

The next morning we went for a KILLER workout at the Princeton Club where he put my upper body through the ringer. I can’t even tell you how sore I was on Sunday… but if I tell you I didn’t shower Sunday I think you’ll understand why 😉

My mom got Ty & I a Groupon to go to an Arte & Wine studio… Tyler and I are the most unartistic individuals out there but we really were looking forward to this. It was so much fun to do something out of the box rather than just dinner, movies, etc.

I threw on a cute outfit and we were off:


Tyler painted a picture of the Rose Bowl stadium and I threw a bunch of random things together to commemorate our 2012 together. Image

We laughed because there were Picasso’s in this studio and that was our end result. But it’s the memory that matters.

All the hard work made us want FROYO. I have been craving but practicing self-restraint for weeks.


Red Velvet + Cake Batter swirl, Oreo bits, white choc chips, and cookie dough bites. Inner fat girl.

The rest of the night we ate dinner (pizza, like I said.. it was a bad diet weekend) and watched our beloved Packers lose. (For the record, now that all 3 of my teams have lost football is dead to me).

Sunday we were going to go on a run in the morning but the roads were pure ice. And it was a good excuse to stay snuggled up next to him watching Nip Tuck (I am addicted regardless of how smutty that show is!)

Spent the rest of the day with his entire family and just relaxing. It was such an amazing weekend and reminded me of everything I love about him.

Reality hit this morning back at work. Luckily I got some good news this morning (that I will share with you this week sometime!) and got in a KILLER workout tonight.

Started off with an intense 35min HIIT run:


Then hopped on the stair stepper for 25min after (flinging sweat, legs shaking..)
& finished with LEG day…my favorite!


Yeah, that’s right. 866 calories burned in 1hr 35min. And I feel GREAT.

Tell me: What was the best part of your weekend? Anything exciting this week?

Coming up: 2013 goals (FINALLY), Rose Bowl recap, Running Thoughts, and some BIG NEWS 🙂