Fitness Friday 1

Since I spend a lot of my free-time at the gym (not because I feel like I need to but because I am truly passionate about fitness and ENJOY it) I decided why not start doing this series. It helps keep a good record of my workouts and might inspire some of you to give them a whirl 🙂


a day without rain so laced up and went on a GREAT run on the trails: 3.57 miles in 32 minutes. (9:01 pace to include a huge hill!)

15 reps barbell bicep curl 

20 assisted pull-ups
12 reps/arm hammer curl (15#)
12 reps underhand lat pull down (72#)
7 reps reverse pushups (KILL ME)
12 reps seated db bicep curl (15#)


30min AMRAP:
10 burpees
10 box jumps
20 pushups
30 air squats
20 dips
15 seated rows (72#)
{{completed 5 rounds… I think}}


crappy 2.5 mile treadmill

upper body weights with Tyler.. can’t remember exaclty but am SO SORE today.


Brooke’s Beach Body TM & abs workouts! And the following leg weights:

4×15 leg press (140, 140, 150, 150#)
3x (15 bosu ball squats, 60s wall sit, 15 calf raises @ 50#)

Today {Friday}

45min AMRAP:

sprint 1 lap on track
10 lunges/leg
sprint 1 lap on track
60s jump rope
sprint 1 lap on track
15 squat reach jumps
I have some good workouts in mind for this weekend–HOPEFULLY the weather cooperates and I get in a ‘long’ run before that half in May.


All you professional & blog savvy people–how can I make pretty images for my workouts to make it not appear so boring? The black and white of this post is unappealing to even my eyes.