Phone Dump!

Well… I finally caught that cold that I’ve been avoiding for weeks now. Tyler has been sick for months with a few ‘healthy’ days here and there so it was only a matter of time. So far it’s only isolated in my chest (i.e. deep barking cough) so cross your fingers that it stays that way and doesn’t become a complete head cold!
Needless to say, I left work after 2 hours this morning. I was going to try to make it to lunch but that just wasn’t going to happen.
Because I feel like garbage–here’s an Instagram dump of the happenings lately 🙂


Turns out I’m capable of dressing like a human being once in a while…only cause I had a work conference 😉


Tyler and I studied together at a local coffee shop. He did his school work and I began my NASM work!


Ty & I went to the Badger game on Sunday night… they killed Penn State 5-0. Anytime the Badgers get 5 goals your ticket stub gives you a free scoop of custard @ Culvers!


Ordered a shirt from the amazing and always inspiring Dorothy & I was so excited to get it in the mail tomorrow. Taking it for an inaugural {TEMPO} tomorrow!


Since the sickness really set in on Monday I did a self-pedicure and had a glass of wine from Door County while watching The Bachelor 🙂 Image

I finally bought new Army boots while I was at my work conference at Ft McCoy. I need to break these shiny boots in before I head to Ft Leonard Wood for the summer. {if any readers are from St Louis area–let me know!}



Despite the chest cold, went for a lift & swim.


And got some of my favorite Vanilla Rooibos tea from Starbucks before hunkering in for the night.

On tonights agenda: Meal planning, baking brownies for Tyler who has a tough 2 weeks coming at school, and doing damage control on the DVR.

Tell Me: Have you gotten sick yet this winter? Any remedies? 


Struggle Bus

Beware: Very Sporadic Thoughts Post! 

I never really anticipated how difficult life after college would be. For some reason I had this {entirely unrealistic} expectation that I would instantly know what I wanted to do with my career, have a ton of friends and things to do, and simply be happy with where I am in life.


Wake up! That is not how it is at all. At least that is my experience thus far. Sure, some people are incredibly fortunate and lucky to know what they want to do as a professional, but more often than not, recent college grads have no idea what to do after Commencement. Not to mention how difficult it is to land a job in the economy we face today. Here I am almost a year after my graduation, still unhappy and confused when it comes to answering the big and dreaded question: What’s Next?


I still have no answer to that question… at all. I never thought I’d go back for grad school. Ever. I didn’t really enjoy college. Now though-I miss learning so much. I have toyed with many different options (Registered Dietician, Athletic Training, Exercise Science, etc.) but I can tell you that what I do right now (sit at a desk, relatively untasked) is not what I want to do. Sure, I shouldn’t complain because I’m lucky enough to have a job, let alone one that pays well and has great benefits. But I miss being challenged, engaged, and learning.Image
Who knows where the job force will take me. I just want to love what I do. I think that is so important. So many people work for money, but it won’t buy you happiness. What’s the point of living comfortably and being able to purchase anything you want when you dread going to work every day? That doesn’t spell happiness to me.
On top of the whole work situation, I’ve never felt more alone in terms of my relationships. The transition I’ve been going through is tough. As most of you know I did ROTC in college and commissioned as a 2LT in the National Guard. This has been a great opportunity for me. However, most of my friends who I did ROTC with went Active Duty. That means some of my closest friends from college are now scattered throughout the county… and the world! Just this past weekend I had to say bye to one of my best friends as she prepared for her first duty station in KOREA for a year… it was so much tougher than I anticipated. Because ROTC was so time-consuming, a lot of my friendships with ‘normal college kids’ dwindled. Now I’m stuck here… unhappy with my career, feeling alone, and at a loss as to what I want to do.

Image{preach it Brooke Davis}

At 22 I should not feel so unfulfilled with my life and the direction it’s taking. I know many people will say ‘you’re only 22 you have so much time’ but I don’t do bored well. I miss having that spark and something I’m truly passionate about.

So after this sob fest {sorry I subjected you to this} I do have some good news. I am incredibly passionate about fitness… be it running, swimming, lifting.. you name it. So I have gone ahead and ordered the NASM materials and am beginning what will be a long journey in becoming a CPT!


It will be a long work in progress but hopefully by this winter I’ll be a Certified Personal Trainer! 🙂 

Tell Me: How hard was your adjustment after college? 

Perfect Weekend Getaway

Well it was definitely a tough Monday for me… had to go back to oral surgeon for a nasty infection. I’ll spare you the details just know it was an incredibly painful 5 minutes and I have popped a few vicodin since. Instead of dwelling on the bad–I’m going to tell you about the best weekend getaway ever!

For a couple months Tyler and I planned on going up to Door County, WI. What better timing than the weekend between our one-year anniversary and Valentine’s Day! For those who haven’t heard of Door County, WI it’s on Green Bay on the peninsula of WI.

Despite being a born and raised Wisconsinite I never had made the trek up to Door County before. I always wanted to. Tyler and I needed this time away… it’s tough for him and I at times being that he is still in school and I’m a working woman. Our relationship is still strong and healthy but there have been difficulties lately. Nothing that a weekend away to relax and enjoy only each others company couldn’t fix.

Door County is typically a summer destination with cute quaint little shops, the lake, etc. But being that this silly state is always cold and snowy they have fun winter packages that are offered too!

We got there Friday and went for a dinner at a local pub before popping in a movie and relaxing for the rest of the night. Saturday was the part I was looking forward to…. starting at 9:30am we took a 5hr trolley tour through the Door County area. It was mid 30s, sunny, and a perfect day for it.

But wait. It gets better. We stopped at THREE wineries. I can’t even begin to tell you how great these wineries were. Quaint, cute, and absolutely AMAZING wine. I may have went a bit overboard..


The trolley driver may have told me that I have a problem. I just really like my wine! There’s a cab, a riesling, plum, peach, sparkling, blackberry blend… and a couple others. Nom nom nom.

Besides the wineries, we also went on a sleigh ride! The other couples who did this ‘Winter Wonderland’ package were so much fun. Ty & I were definitely the youngest but each couple radiated love and it was simply perfect.

I wish my MacBook wasn’t broken so I could share some great pictures from the afternoon but it won’t read my SD card so I only have Instagram photos to share.

Ty & I on the trolley after the first winery:


We also got a real good lunch at an Inn in Fish Creek. I had a French Dip sandwich and it was fantastic.

After all the wine consumed Ty and I spent the rest of the afternoon just hanging out, enjoying the scenery and each others company before heading out for dinner.Image

Told you it’s snowy in WI! Dinner was a nice small little restaurant right in the downtown area. We tried two places before hand but since Door County is more of a summer destination many places were closed. The place we settled on was fantastic though!

The rest of the night was full of some hot tub, and GAMES. I destroyed Ty in Yahtzee! Nothing like some friendly competition 😉

Sunday we stopped at a coffee shop where I sipped on a latte and we both read the paper. Felt like an older couple–can’t wait to spend all my Sundays like that with him.

On our way out to return back to Madison we stopped at a pizzeria and got an AMAZING deep dish pizza. Needless to say-I’m ready to be back in the gym this week.

It was so hard leaving an amazing getaway with my best friend. But it makes me that much more excited for the next time him and I can spend quality time together.

Have a great week friends! 🙂

Wisdom Teeth Recovery

In case you’ve missed my non-stop bitching on Twitter/Instagram, I finally got all 4 {impacted} bad boys pulled out Tuesday morning. It’s been an adventure since. 

Tuesday morning came quick and I was off. Since all 4 were impacted I opted for being put completely under. I went in and got the laughing gas {which was so neat!} and once the assistant found my vein all I remember her saying was “This is about to get a whole lot easier”… 

4 teeth pulled later, one bringing complications, and I remember waking up yelling at said assistant for WATER. I was so parched it hurt. Cue the tears, and some stupid comments and I was on my merry way. 

Ever since it’s been HANGER pains, ice cream, naps, vicodin & craving PIZZA. 

My mom and Tyler spent Tuesday with me. They probably got lots of laughs because when I thought I was eating a smoothie perfectly, turns out it was dribbling down my chin. This was my get-up for Tuesday & Wednesday. 


Tyler took real good care of me and made sure I was getting the right meds every couple hours. I look like a pharmacist! Image 

The rinse that they prescribe was quite tough for me. But I used my bad-ass shot glass which naturally helped get through the pain! 


Tyler unfortunately had to leave me Wednesday to go to that silly thing called school. But when he came back that night he brought me something to cheer me up 🙂 


He sure is a keeper. Tells me I’m beautiful even with silly swollen cheeks. 

Brushing my teeth has been an interesting task too. Coming from an OCD brusher, I cannot wait to use my Sonicare toothbrush and get a good brush in. But in the meantime, this toothbrush made for 5 month olds is pretty BADASS.


My diet has consisted of scalloped potatoes that I cut up into baby food, applesauce, pudding, and ICE CREAM. I’m not a big ice cream eater but that is the only thing that has been easy for me to eat. 

So with the help of Tyler I’ve went through a QUART of Caramel Fudge Cookie Dough ice cream since Tuesday. Now that I’m almost out I’m at a loss of what to eat. 


So that’s what I’ve been doing. I’m healing pretty good as far as the teeth go. I do have an abnormal amount of tingling/numbness in my lower lip/chin still. I have an appt on Monday night in case it doesn’t go away. Cross your fingers that it does! 

Time to find some ‘food’ to eat. I am CRAVING salad + pizza. That will be my first real meal. 

Tell Me: Have you had wisdom teeth out? Any complications? 




Liebster Award

Good Afternoon! The fantastic Brooke nominated me for the Liebster Award about a week ago. I just got around to it as I’ve been tied up with my wisdom teeth surgery. 

Since I have a solid… 4 readers-if you read this and have not yet participated in the Liebster Award this is my way of nominating you! So follow suit! 🙂 

Brooke asked: 

1.) If you were a superhero, what powers would you have? Hmm. If I were a superhero I would want to be able to control time and land myself back in my best memories.

2.) Do you have a favorite TV show? What is it and why? Criminal Minds. Not only is the plot always suspenseful but this hunk is a star. Yumm. 


3.) What got you into healthy living blogs? Why did you create one? One day I found a killer treadmill workout on a blog. Not only did I continue reading that blog but I branched out to many others. Once I got into running and training I wanted to document my experience. Unfortuantely I haven’t been able to blog as regularly as I want as adjusting and transitioning into a new life has been overwhelming but I’m getting there! 

4.) Do you have any irrational fears? Clows. Semis. Hanging. Now I’m scared! 

5.) Do you love or hate roller coasters? LOVE LOVE LOVE. I cannot wait to spend the summer in Ft Leonard Wood, MO this summer because I plan on hitting up the 6 Flags there a few times 🙂

6.) Would you rather be a rockstar or a movie star? Why? Hmm. I think a movie star. It’d let me act out different parts while still always being myself.

7.) Do you have a favorite exercise motto? Not just exercise but life in general. “I don’t have big dreams. I have big plans.”

8.) If you could be any animal, what would you be and why? Easy. A cheetah. Cause they’re FAST.

9.) Would you be the opposite gender, just for the day if given the chance? You betchya. And that given day would be the time it comes to give birth to a child. Oh my lanta that stuff scares me!

10.) Describe the worst date you’ve ever been on. A pretty silent blind date. Just picture the awkwardness.

11.) Describe the best date you’ve ever been on. The first real date Tyler and I went on. We went to dinner downtown Milwaukee then went ice skating at their outdoor rink. It was the first time he held my hand and I’ve loved him ever since 🙂 

11 random facts about me:

1. I was a competitive swimmer for 13 years of my life. 
2. I have never broken a bone. 
3. My family has always had a dog. 
4. Until college, I never moved. 
5. The texture of tomatoes and mushrooms are quite possibly the most disgusting thing on the planet. Woof.
6. I have been in the WI Army National Guard for 3 years this coming April. 
7. I am addicted to buying shoes. Recently I switched from buying heels (that I never wear) to all athletic shoes. My purchase I’m making later today: 


8. I was the MOH for one of my best friends this past March and will be this summer for my best girlfriend. She just picked her dress out this week 🙂 
9. I have this silly dream of being proposed to at the finish line of a race. The guy will buy me a new pair of running shoes and tie my dream ring on the lace.

10. Growing up I watched Batman (with Michael Keaton) everyday and had Batman sheets. Barbie who?
11. I am buying a road bike this spring to take down to Missouri with me this summer. Time to finally dabble in TRIATHLONS 🙂 

My 11 Questions to you: 

1. What is your favorite form of exercise? {Weightlifting}
2. Who is your biggest inspiration? {Jillian Michaels}
3. What is your dream job? {Personal Trainer and RD..or PA in pediatric oncology}
4. Apple or PC? {APPLE!}
5. Would you ever join the Army? {Army obviously!..although if I could re-do it I’d be a rescue swimmer for the Coast Guard}
6. First concert you ever went to? {Blink 182}
7. What is your favorite food? {Spaghetti with hot dogs and sauteed onion..don’t knock it til you try it}
8. What is your favorite book? {To Kill a Mockingbird}
9. Have you ever had surgery? {Mole removal & wisdom teeth}
10. Are you a home body or prefer going out? {Both.. in moderation!}
11. Have you ever sang karaoke? {I lost a bet and have to do it soon… eek!}


So there you have it. If you have not taken part of this {which out of my 4 readers I’m sure you all have!}–here is your shot! Can’t wait to see what some of you have to say. 

A Weekend For the Books

Last week I was so ridiculously busy (more on that to come soon!) that no matter how hard I tried I could not get the time to blog. I have so many fun things to share I don’t even know where to start.

The work week went so slowly last week because I had an amazing weekend with the boyfriend planned.

Friday started with a big job interview (spoiler alert!) then the last slooowwwww day at work. Then I was off to Milwaukee to recreate Tyler and my first date in December of 2011.

The night before we left for the Rose Bowl last year he took me to Water Street Brewery downtown on Water Street. So that’s where we were off to Friday night. I made sure to eat healthy all week so I could indulge this weekend (although I still felt somewhat guilty).


{sadly I have no pictures of him and I cause my mom has my memory card.}

After a fabulous meal it was off to an outdoor ice rink. While this year felt so different as we now are in a serious relationship with a year under our belt, it was amazing to go on this romantic date again.

In 2011 this was the first time he held my hand. & I’ve never looked back since. ❤

The next morning we went for a KILLER workout at the Princeton Club where he put my upper body through the ringer. I can’t even tell you how sore I was on Sunday… but if I tell you I didn’t shower Sunday I think you’ll understand why 😉

My mom got Ty & I a Groupon to go to an Arte & Wine studio… Tyler and I are the most unartistic individuals out there but we really were looking forward to this. It was so much fun to do something out of the box rather than just dinner, movies, etc.

I threw on a cute outfit and we were off:


Tyler painted a picture of the Rose Bowl stadium and I threw a bunch of random things together to commemorate our 2012 together. Image

We laughed because there were Picasso’s in this studio and that was our end result. But it’s the memory that matters.

All the hard work made us want FROYO. I have been craving but practicing self-restraint for weeks.


Red Velvet + Cake Batter swirl, Oreo bits, white choc chips, and cookie dough bites. Inner fat girl.

The rest of the night we ate dinner (pizza, like I said.. it was a bad diet weekend) and watched our beloved Packers lose. (For the record, now that all 3 of my teams have lost football is dead to me).

Sunday we were going to go on a run in the morning but the roads were pure ice. And it was a good excuse to stay snuggled up next to him watching Nip Tuck (I am addicted regardless of how smutty that show is!)

Spent the rest of the day with his entire family and just relaxing. It was such an amazing weekend and reminded me of everything I love about him.

Reality hit this morning back at work. Luckily I got some good news this morning (that I will share with you this week sometime!) and got in a KILLER workout tonight.

Started off with an intense 35min HIIT run:


Then hopped on the stair stepper for 25min after (flinging sweat, legs shaking..)
& finished with LEG day…my favorite!


Yeah, that’s right. 866 calories burned in 1hr 35min. And I feel GREAT.

Tell me: What was the best part of your weekend? Anything exciting this week?

Coming up: 2013 goals (FINALLY), Rose Bowl recap, Running Thoughts, and some BIG NEWS 🙂

So Long 2012

This is a few days late but I just got back from California last night. I am missing it already. 

I’m sure everyone is sick of the 2012 recaps… but I am doing this for me anyhow. 


I traveled by car from WI to the Rose Bowl in CA (only a 32hr drive) with a big group of people. Going into it the only person I knew was my friend Tyler… 


Who later that month, on January 29th, asked me to be his girlfriend 🙂 



We had a Rose Bowl group reunion at a UW Hockey game. 


& I helped a girlfriend from high school celebrate her engagement! 



Traveled to Chicago with Tyler for some shopping during my last spring break. 


but more importantly… one of my best friends got married and I was so lucky to be her Maid of Honor. 





We welcomed a new pup to the family … I miss him being this small. 


And the highlight of my April… I finished my first MARATHON. It was not pretty… I had heat stroke and was dry heaving from miles 14-26.2. There was a lot of walking and I ran 90min slower than I trained. But I did NOT get off that course when the medics told me too and I hobbled across that finish line. 400miles, 40 hours, and 2 pairs of running shoes later.



The month with the most accomplishments. 

Starting with my first TOUGH MUDDER (so much fun!) 


Then I GRADUATED COLLEGE the following day. Being an alum from THE University of Wisconsin-Madison is something I take the most pride in. The first person in my family to go to college, graduate, all at a Big Ten school. Success tasted so sweet. 





Then that same day I commissioned as a Second Lieutenant into the Wisconsin Army National Guard. 

After 3 years of training and additional coursework, this was the pinnacle of what I had worked towards. 




Relatively boring months filled with work and too much alcohol consumption. 


Lots of football tailgating… and more alcohol consumption.


Cut 12 inches off my hair and started a new job! 



A month I prefer to pretend didn’t happen. I had hit my all-time low battling some depression issues. I will delve into this later but be glad that I’m doing much better now 🙂 


Babysat for my favorite boy. He’s going to be a heartbreaker. 


We got a ridiculous amount of snow that had me working from home two days in a row. 20 inches in 18 hours. 


Also went to see The Scrooge with Ty, the Globetrotters, and had a wonderful Christmas. Sadly my poor Macbookie won’t read my memory card.

Flew out to CA for Rose Bowl #3! Saw beautiful sunsets and had great company with my man and friends again 🙂 


The last minute of 2012 I was lucky enough to spend it with my best friend and so much more than that. 


BRING IT 2013! I’m ready for you