A Very Blessed Easter

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! A lot of people forget the religious aspect of Easter but it really was humbling for me this year. As I further develop my faith I found myself tearing up in church on Sunday morning.

Spring weather finally decided to show up for a couple days this weekend and it was glorious. It brought some much needed smiles around to these parts. With warmer weather I finally felt like I could get a much awaited for ICED coffee. 

Image Friday night I went to the YMCA with one of my best friends and her 8mo old daughter for some swimming. It was so cute and fun. It’s amazing how easily amused babies are… and the fact that she loves the water is awesome! Then her husby decided to stay home with the little one and we went out for a martini and just chatted! I forget how nice girl talk is sometimes.

Saturday was everything I’ve needed the past few weeks. I did skip my long run {{again…}} and felt guilty about that for a couple hours. But then Tyler came over and since it was in the 50s we went on a 2mile walk and just talked. Sat on a bench overlooking the lake and addressed some issues that really needed to be addressed regarding me and how it’s affecting our relationship. There were tears, but it was necessary. It really opened my eyes to how this process has affected him. It was just what we needed to clear the air and I have been smiling non-stop ever since!
Since we wanted to spend time with both our families this holiday we did Easter on Saturday with my family. My grandma cooked up a divine pork tenderloin. I was having some mental issues with food and how I see my body unfortunately so I didn’t eat much but what I did try was fantastic. Just being with my family and Tyler was more than enough. 
Sunday we went to church with his family. His family is Catholic and I am non-denominational. While I have my reservations about Catholicism I still found the mass to be beautiful and encompass all the important aspects of Easter.

The rest of the Sunday was full of BASKETBALL. Kevin Ware’s fracture had me mesmerized…in a gross way. Did you see it? If not and you don’t get the heebie-jeebies—check THIS out. It’s probably the worst sports injury I’ve ever seen. And the raw emotion the players showed for his teammate shows what sports is really about. 


{quite possibly my favorite picture of us}


On a lighter note: with Lousiville winning—I beat Ty in our bracket. He now has to eat veggies twice a week and cook me dinner of my choosing. Eating veggies will be a huge undertaking for him because he hates all veggies.. but it’ll benefit him 🙂

So all in all it was a fabulous weekend. I have a busy April coming up and it’s going to cruise by. Stick around for my next post where I’ll be talking about some of my goals to help myself with the depression. 🙂 


Monday Mantra:



5 thoughts on “A Very Blessed Easter

  1. Darling, I am so glad you and Tyler were able to discuss and figure out the issues, and how to work around them. God bless the both of you ❤

    && yes I did see Kevin Ware's injury. Absolutely broke my heart!

  2. I’m glad you and Tyler had a great Easter! I didn’t see Kevin Ware’s injury but that’s pretty scary- last year one of the football players for our favorite team got hurt (Lattimore), and it was just heartbreaking to watch. I hate to see any athlete get hurt :(.

  3. I didn’t watch the game, but saw the photo’s and holy shit..I wanted to die. I WOULD HAVE been in shock. What an intense injury!! AHH I totally started to tear up in church this past Sunday too!! They were doing baptisms and it was just too much, I couldn’t fight it! So glad you and the man had a good chat. Communication is so important and can solve LOTS of issues!

  4. That is a wonderful picture of the 2 of you. I’m glad you were able to get some time together to talk and work things out. It’s so important to communicate, as hard as it can be sometimes

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