Phone Dump!

Well… I finally caught that cold that I’ve been avoiding for weeks now. Tyler has been sick for months with a few ‘healthy’ days here and there so it was only a matter of time. So far it’s only isolated in my chest (i.e. deep barking cough) so cross your fingers that it stays that way and doesn’t become a complete head cold!
Needless to say, I left work after 2 hours this morning. I was going to try to make it to lunch but that just wasn’t going to happen.
Because I feel like garbage–here’s an Instagram dump of the happenings lately πŸ™‚


Turns out I’m capable of dressing like a human being once in a while…only cause I had a work conference πŸ˜‰


Tyler and I studied together at a local coffee shop. He did his school work and I began my NASM work!


Ty & I went to the Badger game on Sunday night… they killed Penn State 5-0. Anytime the Badgers get 5 goals your ticket stub gives you a free scoop of custard @ Culvers!


Ordered a shirt from the amazing and always inspiring DorothyΒ & I was so excited to get it in the mail tomorrow. Taking it for an inaugural {TEMPO} tomorrow!

Β Image

Since the sickness really set in on Monday I did a self-pedicure and had a glass of wine from Door County while watching The Bachelor πŸ™‚Β Image

I finally bought new Army boots while I was at my work conference at Ft McCoy. I need to break these shiny boots in before I head to Ft Leonard Wood for the summer. {if any readers are from St Louis area–let me know!}



Despite the chest cold, went for a lift & swim.


And got some of my favorite Vanilla Rooibos tea from Starbucks before hunkering in for the night.

On tonights agenda: Meal planning, baking brownies for Tyler who has a tough 2 weeks coming at school, and doing damage control on the DVR.

Tell Me: Have you gotten sick yet this winter? Any remedies?Β 


14 thoughts on “Phone Dump!

  1. So many things to comment on… First & foremost, I am so sorry your feeling under the weather. Bless you heart. Sending prayers for a quick recovery πŸ™‚ Second, poor Penn State (we are huge penn state fans over here), Third, you look gorgeous in your work attire, Fourth, love the asics… they are beautiful, and five. I hope you have the most wonderful week!

    I’m actually sick right now with a sore throat and earache, and about 2 weeks ago I had the stomach bug. Just can’t win! Ha !

    • aw you’re so sweet! I always wear my army uniform to work so I was glad to put on clothes for this conference. There’s been so many illnesses going around this winter-its horrible. Hope you feel better soon too! ❀

  2. Everyone has been getting sick this winter, it’s nuts! I hope you feel better πŸ™‚ And I need those shoe laces, I love them! haha I love the shirt too – I’m kinda just loving all over this post πŸ˜›

  3. Love the crazy colorful Asics! And good luck with the NASM studying, I’ve been considering that as well. Love the “Run this body” shirt too, I’ll have to check out your source πŸ™‚ Have a great Friday and feel better!

  4. That stinks that you’re sick! I feel like I don’t appreciate my good health until I get sick, it’s always the worst. I got some sort of flu earlier this season, my remedy was to sleep a whole lot and take lots of Vitamin C/Airborne!

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