Perfect Weekend Getaway

Well it was definitely a tough Monday for me… had to go back to oral surgeon for a nasty infection. I’ll spare you the details just know it was an incredibly painful 5 minutes and I have popped a few vicodin since. Instead of dwelling on the bad–I’m going to tell you about the best weekend getaway ever!

For a couple months Tyler and I planned on going up to Door County, WI. What better timing than the weekend between our one-year anniversary and Valentine’s Day! For those who haven’t heard of Door County, WI it’s on Green Bay on the peninsula of WI.

Despite being a born and raised Wisconsinite I never had made the trek up to Door County before. I always wanted to. Tyler and I needed this time away… it’s tough for him and I at times being that he is still in school and I’m a working woman. Our relationship is still strong and healthy but there have been difficulties lately. Nothing that a weekend away to relax and enjoy only each others company couldn’t fix.

Door County is typically a summer destination with cute quaint little shops, the lake, etc. But being that this silly state is always cold and snowy they have fun winter packages that are offered too!

We got there Friday and went for a dinner at a local pub before popping in a movie and relaxing for the rest of the night. Saturday was the part I was looking forward to…. starting at 9:30am we took a 5hr trolley tour through the Door County area. It was mid 30s, sunny, and a perfect day for it.

But wait. It gets better. We stopped at THREE wineries. I can’t even begin to tell you how great these wineries were. Quaint, cute, and absolutely AMAZING wine. I may have went a bit overboard..


The trolley driver may have told me that I have a problem. I just really like my wine! There’s a cab, a riesling, plum, peach, sparkling, blackberry blend… and a couple others. Nom nom nom.

Besides the wineries, we also went on a sleigh ride! The other couples who did this ‘Winter Wonderland’ package were so much fun. Ty & I were definitely the youngest but each couple radiated love and it was simply perfect.

I wish my MacBook wasn’t broken so I could share some great pictures from the afternoon but it won’t read my SD card so I only have Instagram photos to share.

Ty & I on the trolley after the first winery:


We also got a real good lunch at an Inn in Fish Creek. I had a French Dip sandwich and it was fantastic.

After all the wine consumed Ty and I spent the rest of the afternoon just hanging out, enjoying the scenery and each others company before heading out for dinner.Image

Told you it’s snowy in WI! Dinner was a nice small little restaurant right in the downtown area. We tried two places before hand but since Door County is more of a summer destination many places were closed. The place we settled on was fantastic though!

The rest of the night was full of some hot tub, and GAMES. I destroyed Ty in Yahtzee! Nothing like some friendly competition 😉

Sunday we stopped at a coffee shop where I sipped on a latte and we both read the paper. Felt like an older couple–can’t wait to spend all my Sundays like that with him.

On our way out to return back to Madison we stopped at a pizzeria and got an AMAZING deep dish pizza. Needless to say-I’m ready to be back in the gym this week.

It was so hard leaving an amazing getaway with my best friend. But it makes me that much more excited for the next time him and I can spend quality time together.

Have a great week friends! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Perfect Weekend Getaway

  1. I hope you feel better! I’ve never had any operations on my mouth but I can’t imagine. At least it’s an excuse to eat lots of ice cream?
    I always have a hard time leaving my friends. But it does make you appreciate the times you do have together even more!

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