Wisdom Teeth Recovery

In case you’ve missed my non-stop bitching on Twitter/Instagram, I finally got all 4 {impacted} bad boys pulled out Tuesday morning. It’s been an adventure since. 

Tuesday morning came quick and I was off. Since all 4 were impacted I opted for being put completely under. I went in and got the laughing gas {which was so neat!} and once the assistant found my vein all I remember her saying was “This is about to get a whole lot easier”… 

4 teeth pulled later, one bringing complications, and I remember waking up yelling at said assistant for WATER. I was so parched it hurt. Cue the tears, and some stupid comments and I was on my merry way. 

Ever since it’s been HANGER pains, ice cream, naps, vicodin & craving PIZZA. 

My mom and Tyler spent Tuesday with me. They probably got lots of laughs because when I thought I was eating a smoothie perfectly, turns out it was dribbling down my chin. This was my get-up for Tuesday & Wednesday. 


Tyler took real good care of me and made sure I was getting the right meds every couple hours. I look like a pharmacist! Image 

The rinse that they prescribe was quite tough for me. But I used my bad-ass shot glass which naturally helped get through the pain! 


Tyler unfortunately had to leave me Wednesday to go to that silly thing called school. But when he came back that night he brought me something to cheer me up 🙂 


He sure is a keeper. Tells me I’m beautiful even with silly swollen cheeks. 

Brushing my teeth has been an interesting task too. Coming from an OCD brusher, I cannot wait to use my Sonicare toothbrush and get a good brush in. But in the meantime, this toothbrush made for 5 month olds is pretty BADASS.


My diet has consisted of scalloped potatoes that I cut up into baby food, applesauce, pudding, and ICE CREAM. I’m not a big ice cream eater but that is the only thing that has been easy for me to eat. 

So with the help of Tyler I’ve went through a QUART of Caramel Fudge Cookie Dough ice cream since Tuesday. Now that I’m almost out I’m at a loss of what to eat. 


So that’s what I’ve been doing. I’m healing pretty good as far as the teeth go. I do have an abnormal amount of tingling/numbness in my lower lip/chin still. I have an appt on Monday night in case it doesn’t go away. Cross your fingers that it does! 

Time to find some ‘food’ to eat. I am CRAVING salad + pizza. That will be my first real meal. 

Tell Me: Have you had wisdom teeth out? Any complications? 





11 thoughts on “Wisdom Teeth Recovery

  1. Aww I’ve never had mine out but ice cream sounds pretty nice! Hopefully you’ll be back to eating real food again soon!

  2. I had one removed. I was not put under, no good drugs for me. Just a wisdom tooth (partially erupted). I had to eat very simple foods for about a week or so. I ate a lot of potato soup. Also I drank Rockin Refuel chocolate milk, it contains protein and electrolytes. That was the best stuff ever, first thing I had after my teeth were pulled and I could finally drink. Since I had potato soup then I haven’t wanted it ever again, so I say don’t eat anything you like and intend to eat in the future because you might have a weird aversion. Hope your recovery goes well!

  3. Tyler is so sweet. You’ve got yourself a keeper =) Hope you continue to heal well girl.

    I had a terrible experience. I’m allergic to all medication, so I was stuck with tylenol. That’s not the bad part though… I got a terrible infection, had to get medicated leaches put in my gums & oh it was just awful!!

  4. My wisdom teeth recovery was actually really smooth. I didn’t take any pain meds cause they make me nauseous. I had puffy cheeks, and hated not brushing well..but other than that I healed pretty quick! I don’t even remember what I ate..

  5. Awe sorry that is all you can eat. (Though I’m a bit jealous…but if it isn’t your jive it’s not). Anywho-I had a pretty smooth removal and I was walking around and went to the movies the day after. I slept the first day and could eat soft food by day 3.

  6. I feel like I shouldn’t tell you about my wisdoom teeth experience since it might terrify you lol. My wounds healed fine except 3 months later I woke up one morning and my left cheek had swollen like something out of a freaking horror movie. Turns out the surgeon had accidentally left some bone dust in there underneath the (now healed) wound and it was now infected. Anyways….gross….. and it’s a very rare thing so I’m positive it won’t happen to you. Feel better soon!

  7. The gas was totally the best when I had my wisdom teeth out years ago. I remember that if at any point I could coherently understand what the dentist or anyone else in the room was saying, I’d suck that stuff in through my nose like it was air. No complications. For me at least. As I walked out after it was done, I smiled at my little sister, she caught sight of a little blood, and down she went. Hit the pavement. I had to help HER into the car.

    Enjoy your salad and pizza first real meal!!

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