Liebster Award

Good Afternoon! The fantastic Brooke nominated me for the Liebster Award about a week ago. I just got around to it as I’ve been tied up with my wisdom teeth surgery. 

Since I have a solid… 4 readers-if you read this and have not yet participated in the Liebster Award this is my way of nominating you! So follow suit! 🙂 

Brooke asked: 

1.) If you were a superhero, what powers would you have? Hmm. If I were a superhero I would want to be able to control time and land myself back in my best memories.

2.) Do you have a favorite TV show? What is it and why? Criminal Minds. Not only is the plot always suspenseful but this hunk is a star. Yumm. 


3.) What got you into healthy living blogs? Why did you create one? One day I found a killer treadmill workout on a blog. Not only did I continue reading that blog but I branched out to many others. Once I got into running and training I wanted to document my experience. Unfortuantely I haven’t been able to blog as regularly as I want as adjusting and transitioning into a new life has been overwhelming but I’m getting there! 

4.) Do you have any irrational fears? Clows. Semis. Hanging. Now I’m scared! 

5.) Do you love or hate roller coasters? LOVE LOVE LOVE. I cannot wait to spend the summer in Ft Leonard Wood, MO this summer because I plan on hitting up the 6 Flags there a few times 🙂

6.) Would you rather be a rockstar or a movie star? Why? Hmm. I think a movie star. It’d let me act out different parts while still always being myself.

7.) Do you have a favorite exercise motto? Not just exercise but life in general. “I don’t have big dreams. I have big plans.”

8.) If you could be any animal, what would you be and why? Easy. A cheetah. Cause they’re FAST.

9.) Would you be the opposite gender, just for the day if given the chance? You betchya. And that given day would be the time it comes to give birth to a child. Oh my lanta that stuff scares me!

10.) Describe the worst date you’ve ever been on. A pretty silent blind date. Just picture the awkwardness.

11.) Describe the best date you’ve ever been on. The first real date Tyler and I went on. We went to dinner downtown Milwaukee then went ice skating at their outdoor rink. It was the first time he held my hand and I’ve loved him ever since 🙂 

11 random facts about me:

1. I was a competitive swimmer for 13 years of my life. 
2. I have never broken a bone. 
3. My family has always had a dog. 
4. Until college, I never moved. 
5. The texture of tomatoes and mushrooms are quite possibly the most disgusting thing on the planet. Woof.
6. I have been in the WI Army National Guard for 3 years this coming April. 
7. I am addicted to buying shoes. Recently I switched from buying heels (that I never wear) to all athletic shoes. My purchase I’m making later today: 


8. I was the MOH for one of my best friends this past March and will be this summer for my best girlfriend. She just picked her dress out this week 🙂 
9. I have this silly dream of being proposed to at the finish line of a race. The guy will buy me a new pair of running shoes and tie my dream ring on the lace.

10. Growing up I watched Batman (with Michael Keaton) everyday and had Batman sheets. Barbie who?
11. I am buying a road bike this spring to take down to Missouri with me this summer. Time to finally dabble in TRIATHLONS 🙂 

My 11 Questions to you: 

1. What is your favorite form of exercise? {Weightlifting}
2. Who is your biggest inspiration? {Jillian Michaels}
3. What is your dream job? {Personal Trainer and RD..or PA in pediatric oncology}
4. Apple or PC? {APPLE!}
5. Would you ever join the Army? {Army obviously!..although if I could re-do it I’d be a rescue swimmer for the Coast Guard}
6. First concert you ever went to? {Blink 182}
7. What is your favorite food? {Spaghetti with hot dogs and sauteed onion..don’t knock it til you try it}
8. What is your favorite book? {To Kill a Mockingbird}
9. Have you ever had surgery? {Mole removal & wisdom teeth}
10. Are you a home body or prefer going out? {Both.. in moderation!}
11. Have you ever sang karaoke? {I lost a bet and have to do it soon… eek!}


So there you have it. If you have not taken part of this {which out of my 4 readers I’m sure you all have!}–here is your shot! Can’t wait to see what some of you have to say. 


9 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. Hey, i just started reading recently, but I love these surveys because I feel like i get to know the person so much better :). I also love To Kill a Mockingbird and it’s one of my favorite books as well- plus it’s cool that you’re in the National Guard.

    My husband thought about proposing to me at the finish line of a 10K race but ended up proposing the weekend before. I was fine with that, it was a small town race and would have been an odd wedding proposal (but probably the most exciting thing about the race).

    Good luck recovering from the wisdom tooth surgery! Take it easy, it is definitely no joke to eat solid food too quick.

  2. wooooo for quitting swimming and finding a love for running! Who wouldn’t want to run in colorful sneakers like those? They’re like the “uglies” (swimming suits) of running. And you just put a new idea in my head. Being proposed to at a finish line? GENIUS.

  3. YAY for a solid four readers LOL. I absolutely love learning more about bloggers in a nonfood/workout related post. Being proposed by at the finish line. My man better be reading my comments on other blogs LOL. That is simply perfection.

    • GET THEM! We can be Asics twins! My only advice: they run real small. I usually wear an 8.5 and I got the noosa 7’s in an 8.5 and they were SO SMALL. I went up a half size this time so hopefully I have better luck 🙂

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