Blizzard 2012

I feel like every year we get nailed with at least one crazy snowstorm… and while we hadn’t had any snow accumulation yet this winter here in Wisconsin Mother Nature sure knows how to go hard.

Yesterday at work THE boss said we’d all be working from home as there was no doubt ‘Draco’ would get us. But folks, let’s be real. This girl did not work today at home. I had no major deadlines and it was a snow day to get things done! I managed to pack to go home for the Holiday, cook 2 batches of fabulous cookies, 60min on the elliptical and 20min of abs, and shovel my car out not once, not twice, but three times…

The people who love this amount of snow are simply off their rockers. I cannot wait to move South where I don’t have to put up with 18 inches of snow in a day. Here are a few pictures from Snow Day 2012 🙂

Naturally I started with a nice winter cup of Joe… may have added a little something extra 😉

Trees were falling down. Not only is it a lot of snow but it is HEAVY. This picture was taken before round two started: Image
Since I live alone and the boyfriend was stranded downtown, I decided it’d be a good idea to clean my car off in stages so I don’t have to wakeup at 4:30 tomorrow to get to work on time. Round one done: Image

My real gym closed at 10AM this morning so I was stuck using the ‘gym’ at my apt complex. This gym consists of equipment from the ’70s, 2 ellipticals, & 2 treadmills. Then there was some 6year old walking on the one functional treadmill in just socks. I was getting real frustrated. After my 60 minutes on the lipty I popped in the Tone It Up DVD and did Bikini Abs–quick efficient burn 🙂

More packing, shoveling, and a power outage later it was time for some amazing Spicy Sweet Potato & Black Bean chili that I found on one of my favorite blogs, thanks Alyssa! It was so fantastic and perfect for this snow day.
Now it’s time for a small glass of Red Wine, the finale of Jersey Shore (insert guilty pleasure) and watching the blizzard that is still going on outside.

This was a weird SnowDay as I wasn’t surrounded by friends but it was productive none the less.

Tell Me: Do you love/hate snow? What is your ideal snow day?


4 thoughts on “Blizzard 2012

  1. I love snowdays but HATE snow haha funny since I live in new england… it sounds like you had a really good one! I just like lounging on the couch watching movies with my roommate, drinking hot chocolate, maybe having a snowball fight or making a fort (kidding, haven’t done that in years but I miss those days). Just relaxing and not stressing about anything. Enjoy the blizzard 🙂

  2. Love that you’re blogging again!!

    That snow storm was RIDICULOUS! My boyfriend had a 10 AM final that he had to commute to (because we live about 10 min off campus) and people were crashing everywhere! It looks like you and I spent our snow day pretty much the same way though.. exercise, kahlua and all! Haha 🙂

  3. I DO NOT like the snow these days, I usually prefer it to stay in the mountains. HOWEVER, it did snow Christmas morning, and I kinda liked it!! I guess when I have no where to be and all the people I want to be with are around, it’s fun!!

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