Wonderful Weekend

Oh man, what a wonderful weekend I was able to have! I now know why working adults absolutely love the weekend. It was much needed after a rough work week.

Friday we left work early to go catch Happy Hour at the new Ale Asylum right by Headquarters. We went to celebrate one of my co-workers switching departments and I never realized how fun Happy Hour is… so nice to socialize with these people and see what they’re really like outside of work!

The Hopalicious is to die for!

After a nice beer and some good conversation I went to the man’s house for the weekend. Just relaxed Friday night and popped a movie in while we indulged in some Hot Schnocolate. (Read: hot cocoa & peppermint schnapps..so good!)

The movie we chose was called Lockout. It’s set in the future where there is a maximum security prison in outer space. I thought it was pretty good and quite intense. But definitely out there.

It helps when the main character is pretty dreamy in my opinion!

Saturday morning we woke up and went to the last home Badgers game of the season. Even though I’m no longer a student there I like to pretend like I am every gameday 🙂

It was a beautiful day for some football–and even though we lost (we need our QB back!) it was so much fun.


Camp Randall is one of my favorite places on campus especially when I’m there with this guy:

{Never been happier}

After the depressing loss we went out for a couple drinks at a local Piano Bar with another couple. SO so much fun.

After a good nights sleep it was time for a good workout! Full of balancing and stability drills, Farmers carries, med ball throws, push-ups and back extensions. Got in a good sweat…especially for a Sunday!

After the depressing loss for the Badgers yesterday I was looking forward to a Packers win today–and we got it. Narrowly but a W is a W! 🙂

If you missed out on Starbucks BOGO on Holiday drinks between 2-5pm I am so very sorry. We all know I cashed in on that one and look forward to my gingerbread latte tomorrow morning. No better way to start off a Monday, and a short work week!

After I dropped Tyler back off it was time to get ready for the week. 

I made some of Lindsay’s Cranberry/Sweet Potato/Cottage Cheese muffins and they’re simply to die for. Must go check them out folks.

Now it’s time to watch The Ugly Truth that I DVR’d and get ready for a tough week of workouts. 

I’m planning on working real hard in the gym this week so I can indulge a LITTLE this Thanksgiving without feeling guilty.

Here’s to next weekend.

Tell me: What was the best part of your weekend?


4 thoughts on “Wonderful Weekend

  1. Oh my gosh…Hot Schnocolate is pure genius! BAHA! That name. You and the manfriend are so cute!! LOVEEE that you are so happy! What a fun series of adventures. The best part of my weekend was relaxing with my family and making some goooood food.

  2. I wish that I could dub hot schnocolate as my own creative side. But alas, it was not.

    It took me many years of singleness when all my friends were in serious relationships but it was so worth the wait to have been blessed with him. 🙂

    Weekends are the best for making good food!

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