Change, Growing up & The Quarter Life Crisis

The last two years of college my mind was focused on graduating and getting out of college. I wanted to get on with my life and see what the world has to offer me. We all have heard the “enjoy college because once it’s over all you have is work”. Like most people, I shrugged it off thinking ‘real life’ and work would be fun and exciting! What isn’t fun about getting all dressed up and having a fast-paced job where you meet great new friends? …

I just plowed through those two years doing what I had to do to get my (useless) college degree. Then the big day, graduation, came and went. Poof. All over in a whopping 2 hour ceremony and a 10 second walk across a stage. But wait! I did get a diploma cover… not even the diploma. I wouldn’t see that for another 2 months. Don’t get me wrong, I take pride in the fact that I was privileged enough to go to such a fine University and receive an education many people don’t have the means to achieve.. but the words WHAT NOW flashed before my eyes in neon big block letters.

Then the next few months, and to this day, has been what I like to call the Quarter Life Crisis. Going into college I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Or so I thought.  I was certain I was going to get my degree in Biochemistry and immediately get accepted into the Physician Assistant program at UW-Madison. Then Advanced Chem destroyed that dream and I moved to things that interested me enough to pursue a degree in-like psychology and sociology. Four changes of the major later and here I sit with a B.S. in Legal Studies and zero idea of what I want to do as a young professional.

I lifeguarded all summer, clearly not using my degree. Then the National Guard has pulled through and gave me a full-time job that will take me right up until I leave for training in May. Thank goodness.

Is working in a 3×4 cubicle at a computer all day doing data entry and smaller projects the glamorous job that I had envisioned when I was a freshman at UW-Madison? Absolutely not. Do I have hope that someday I’ll figure things out? Yes but it will take time.

And I know you’re thinking “you’re young, you have plenty of time to figure it out”. I totally agree but when all my Army friends are dispersed throughout the country, and the world, I only have a few friends left around here. One is married with a newborn. Another is a nurse in the NICU at a children’s hospital. Others are in their final semester of student teaching.

My boyfriend is lucky enough to still be in school. He’s living the ‘college life’. I go to work, workout, cook, clean and repeat. So far from glamorous and fun.

And yet, here I sit. In a transitive state.  Struggling each day to try to think of what I want to do and what will make me happy. And I have few people surrounding me to help me deal with this transition. It’s pretty quiet on this end and I’m not used to not being around all my friends at school.

That’s where I’ve been lately… busy, stressed, and relatively unhappy with the anticlimactic lifestyle after college graduation. This Quarter Life Crisis has helped me gain ten {more} pounds. Now that I at least have a job secured until May I will be getting back on with workouts and healthy eating habits. Somewhere along the way I hope to find my way a bit again and create new relationships. This feeling of transition and the grey area can’t last forever. I won’t let this difficult phase in my life interfere with my amazing relationship with Tyler anymore and I won’t sulk around being sad about this lifestyle. Here’s to finding the silver lining!

College Grads: What was life after graduation like for you?


2 thoughts on “Change, Growing up & The Quarter Life Crisis

  1. GAHH I JUST wrote a post so similar to this!! I haven’t even finished college yet because I can’t even figure out what the hell I want to do!! I am so afraid to sit on my ass that I am doing just that..I am sitting on my ass!! I know it’s not always going to come and slap us in the face, and sometimes we have to wait..but shit..I just want to know what to do!! Go read some of the comments from my recent post..they are great and may help you too!

  2. I don’t blog much anymore, but I stumbled upon your comment on HungryRunnerGirl and read this post and oh. my. goodness… we have the same life. Haha. I just graduated in May and got a job, but what they don’t tell you is you are still going to have to live like a poor college student, just without the fun parts to go along with it. My boyfriend is also still in school at least until the end of this year. Lucky him!

    Anyway, I just wanted to comment and say you are DEFINITELY not alone, and there are other college grads out there that are finding themselves in the same quarter life crisis. I know I am. Hang in there!!!

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