What I’ve Been Doing

Oh. My. Goodness.

I am so busy. Who knew that my last semester of college would be so… BUSY! I guess I asked for some of the things I’ve been up to but phew, I can’t catch a break.

Don’t worry. I’ve been balancing things quite well. While my aspirations of doing really well school-wise this semester may not be up to par, I am managing to get by. It’s hard when I have the “all I have to do is pass” mentality.

What have I been doing you ask? Allow me to share. In bullet list form, for obvious reasons. (This girl loves lists!)

  • Running. Running. OH & some more running. I am currently 2.5 weeks out of my first marathon and this taper could not be more welcome. Training has not gone 100% how I wanted. I only got one 20 mile run in. But two 18+… Lately running has felt like somewhat of a chore so my long runs have been difficult. Luckily on Monday I had a FABULOUS 5 miler that left me feeling the runners high and re-energized.
  • Last week was spring break. I didn’t do anything monumental.. I did make a trip to Chicago with the manfriend though for some shopping! Huzzzah. I managed to buy mostly workout clothes… go figure. Oh and I did get a steal of a blazer from Express. For all those job interviews (I hope) to have in the near future.

Please ignore my messy room in the back. Isn't this zipup purrrdy?!

Even though I’ve lived in SE/SW Wisconsin my entire life I had never made the trip to downtown Chicago. We hit up Navy Pier, The Bean in Millenium Park & of course all the shopping on Michigan Ave!

Love Marilyn

Beautiful! The flowers were so beautiful & it was a gorgeous day!

Millenium Park


So that was Chicago in a nutshell. Definitely the highlight of my spring break. 🙂

  • I did spend a lot of time watching Dawsons Creek. I think Pacey Witter is the man of my dreams. He’s seriously perfect. This is hands down my favorite show and I’m must about to wrap up season 4.

  • I’ve been spending a lot of early mornings with this sexy man:

Why yes, Shaun T... I will do anything you ask 🙂

His workouts are great and it’s definitely paying off. Looking forward to seeing where I am by bikini season 🙂

  • Job hunting, apartment searching, and getting ready for big girl world. I graduate on May 20th. Ummm what?! Where did time go? I can’t believe this chapter is so close to coming to an end, and time just keeps speeding up. Tonight I have a phone interview for a summer nannying job. Still on the search for a good job to start in the fall in addition to finally starting the court reporting program through a tech school. The life of this busy bee never ends.
  • This weekend my family is getting a PUPPY! I am so excited. They’ve said time and time again that they’re done with dogs. Lo & behold we are welcoming this cute boy to our family. Everyone, meet Axle 🙂

    Cuddle Monster

    Alright! That’s what I’ve been up to… in a very brief nutshell. Really looking forward to summer where I can get back into this. I have missed it.

    Tell me: What did you do immediately after college graduation? 


2 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Doing

  1. OMFG I cannot explain how cute you and your manfriend are! OHH my word. Your outfit is adorable and you look SOOO EFFING GOOD!! WHOA. OK I’m done I promise.

    I’ve been following you on daily mile with your runs and despite some bumps you are doing SO GOOD!! I can only hope I get to 13 miles for my half marathon in September. You are indeed my inspiration.

    CONGRATULATIONS ON almost being done with college!!!

  2. The dreaded TAPER! Always the hardest part for me actually but I’m excited for you for the race!

    After college? I moved from Madison to Boston without knowing a soul and started a Masters in Teaching program from BU. Within a year I had my first full-time high school teaching job 🙂

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