I promise I’m alive!

Wow. It’s been quite a while since I last posted, hasn’t it? I have been so busy. Besides, my MacBook won’t read my SD card so I can’t add any pictures. 😦

Despite not posting for about a month. I’m back! Here’s what I’ve been doing. 

  • Lots of running! The marathon training is coming along amazingly. My knee is acting up a little bit but I think that’s cause last weekend I ran my longest training run yet–EIGHTEEN MILES! I felt absolutely amazing the entire time. That PDR won’t stay long though because this Saturday morning I will be running twenty-two miles. Yowza! 🙂 
  • School. I’ve been staying on top of school for once! I just got my first midterm back and got a 93%… huzzzah. I’m enjoying this [last] semester and not letting myself worry too much about the future. 
  • Nannying. I quit lifeguarding, finally, and now watch some boys that I used to teach swim lessons to 3 days a week after school. I love it so much more than guarding. I was having problems sitting in the stand and dwelling on some family problems too much. I’m very glad with the choice I made! 
  • Job searching. I have a few ideas up my sleeve but I won’t divulge any more than that, that’s for another future post 🙂 
  • Spending time with my friends and my.. boyfriend. Yes, you heard that right. Three and a half years later and I’m in a relationship. It is healthy and I am so very happy. 🙂 

    So I’m back here now. I will make time cause there’s things that I want to both share, and be held accountable for. I recently found out that I have to lose about 15 pounds or 2% body fat if I want to commission as an officer on May 20th. Yes, it’s absurd that I’m “too fat” for the Army but if I don’t do this I will be owing Uncle Sam THOUSANDS of dollars.

    I joined a Beachbody March challenge, hosted through Bobbi over @ N Her Shoes. I will be tackling INSANITY, in addition to completing the last 7 weeks of my marathon training. Should be a busy but incredibly awarding next two months. 

    Once I get my SD card to work on my MacBook I will be sharing before photos with ya’ll. Gasp. I warn you: I am not in good shape… I need to tone up something serious. But once it’s out there I will feel like I have to do it. I can’t wait to start it all. 

    On another note, the wedding that I’m in is this weekend. I gotta go start working on my Maid of Honor toast/speech. Stay tuned for wedding details and pictures 🙂

    Tell me: What have you been up to? Have you ever tried INSANITY?  


2 thoughts on “I promise I’m alive!

  1. I have missed you tremendously, but see your updates on Dailymile all the time. Congrats on the mileage, and the BOYFRIEND!! That is so exciting!!!!!

    Eff the Army, that’s whack. Obviously you are healthy..you can run 18 fricking miles for sheesh sake!! Owell..good luck!! You will be juuustt fine!

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