GAME DAY (rose bowl, part 3!)

While all the festivities leading up to January 2nd were super fun, the day I had been waiting for was finally here. It was GAME DAY! (beware: LOTS of pictures in this post!)

Wisconsin is notorious for our traditional tailgating & alcohol consumption. While the group I was with did tailgate, we didn’t go crazy because we were at the Rose Bowl & wanted to remember every detail of that awesome day.

While the tickets this year were pretty sweet, I think when I went last year they were even better. Here’s this years:

“The Grandaddy of Them All”

We met up with another girl from ROTC for some flip cup.. I tell ya playing flip cup with her parents was so much fun..

More flip cup!

We tailgated for 2-3 hours then it was finally time to head into the ROSE BOWL!

When we went on 1/1/11 and played TCU the stadium seemed to be predominantly Badger fans… (as it should be!) but this year it seemed to be half and half between us & those silly Oregon Ducks 😉

…sunny SoCal, I miss you dearly.



Before the flyover there was a jet stream in the sky doing a pattern and I thought it was pretty sweet, only after the word HAPPY was written did I realize what was going on:

Pretty sweet, eh? Every one is entitled to a blonde moment once in a while, right?! 😉

We ran into another kid who is in ROTC & the UW Marching Band! I made sure I’d see him since I ran into him the previous year too:

Speaking of the band, they always are way better than the opposing team! My friend is out here somewhere:

If you’ve never been inside the Rose Bowl it’s pretty sweet. It’s a gorgeous stadium and this year Oregon was on the side where you can see the mountains right above the stadium. It’s so pretty there… I want to move. Anyone wanna join?

Just another picture of us… the [drunk] people behind us kept asking to take our picture.. ha. He was so fun though! Especially when it came down to the nail-biting 4th quarter.

There is no picture of me during the 4th quarter but picture this: me with the rally towel right under my eyes just peering over it and biting my nails. I was so so sooo nervous! I may or may not have teared up at the end of the game, not because we lost but because it was my last football game as a student. 😦

After the game we met up with a co-worker of mine. I was so happy to see him, it had been since August!

Getting out of there took a while but Wisconsin people know how to have fun. In fact, we were more fun than the Oregon fans who just won the Rose Bowl.

We turned on some traditional WI game tunes and opened the van sliding doors. A fellow Badger fan hopped in the van to party with us 🙂

Once we finally got back to the hotel it was time to celebrate the last night before heading back to Wisco. As every Badger fan says, “Win of lose, we still booze!” …may not be the healthiest habits but I gotta be a college kid once in a while.

And sadly we were off for another 32+ hour drive back to cold Wisconsin. Amarillo, TX has some pretty sunrises. I was up for about 26 hours straight which allowed me to see beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Ignore the poor quality, it was taken inside the car.

Speaking of sunsets… On New Years Day I got to see the first sunset of the year and it was breath-taking. We went down to Manhattan Beach and got there just in the knick of time.

stunning ❤


And that’s a wrap!

Did we lose? Yes. Would I do it all again? Absolutely… [to include the ~75 hour car ride round trip.]



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