Let’s Get Rowdy! (rose bowl part 2)

The Saga continues. The weather in SoCal was absolutely gorgeous when we woke up on New Years Eve. We’re talking 78 degrees and sunny, zero humidity. Felt great to bust out shorts and a t-shirt in December. After our stint at Venice Beach, we headed to Santa Monica. (side note: quite possibly one of my favorite cities ever)

Last year when I went down to the Rose Bowl I didn’t make it in time to the Party at the Pier pep rally and I was super bummed. I had to make sure that we would make it this year. Imagine a sea of Badger RED flooding Santa Monica pier and the surrounding areas. Surprisingly I heard a few natives say, “What’s with all the Wisconsin people here?” … are you kidding me? Unless you live under a rock you know that the Rose Bowl takes place every New Years in SoCal. Silly people.

We stood around with all the fans waiting for the pep rally to begin.

That’s gotta be my favorite site… nothing better than the SEA OF RED.

We had some special guest appearances:

Mark Tauscher from the Green Bay Packers!!

Ronnnn Dayne! Legen—dary.

 It started off as a beautiful day but as the day went on the fog rolled in. At one point on the pier you couldn’t tell which way was the ocean and which way was towards land. It was nuts! Because the fog it took a long time for the team to arrive so our alls-star band entertained us with some Badger classics until they arrived.

Finally the team came and I got to hear husband #3 of mine talk: RUSSELL WILSON!

 Isn’t he just a doll? Okay, maybe I’m a bit biased cause he is a phenomenal QB and came to WI… (un)fortunately he just got hitched last weekend so he’s only my husband in my dreams 😉

We had some more speakers, more Wisconsin traditions then it was off to battle the fog and head into downtown LA and then back to our hotel for a NYE celebration.

Up next: The Showdown–GameDay!


2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Rowdy! (rose bowl part 2)

  1. Wow that’s so cool! I’m not really into football – my team would be the eagles, and they just haven’t been doing well – so I’ve never really even watched football or tailgated or anything! I love big sporting events though. The atmosphere can’t be beat!

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