Rose Bowl! part 1

So I’m only two weeks late but it’s better than never right! This Rose Bowl trip, despite the loss, was absolutely outstanding. So much more fun than last year (which was still really fun).

The trip was totally unexpected. A friend had an extra ticket for the game and being that it was my senior year, I jumped all over that. This girl LOVES her Badgers! 🙂 We had a problem logistically for traveling down there though.. the van that the group was going in was full. After last year when I got home from the road trip I told my mom, “if I ever go to the Rose Bowl again I will NOT be driving down there”.  Low and behold, we managed to cancel that van and rearrange some plans and a few days after Christmas I was off for another 32+ hour adventure on the road.

I was mentally prepared after my hell road trip last year. Last year we were stuck in AZ for about 20 hours because a horrendous snow storm so I figured nothing could be as bad.

This year too we went down to Amarillo, TX then went over in order to avoid snow in Colorado…it makes for a bit of a longer trip but we had 7 drivers, one cramped van, many iPods and an abundant supply of caffeine. Such healthy habits us college kids live by. The trip down went real well. We passed the beautiful arch in St. Louis during the day.

With the short days nightfall came upon us. We drove on I-40 for 1200 MILES. Isn’t that absurd?! Most of it was night driving so needless to say we sped quite a bit and made great timing. We got through New Mexico in 4 hours and hit AZ in the morning.

The scenes were quite pretty when we hit the outskirts of the mountains. At this point we all were getting quite antsy to get into CALIFORNIA and that last stretch seemed to take forever. We finally made it to Manhattan Beach, CA where we were staying in the afternoon on the 30th. We explored the area, which is beautiful. I highly recommend it. It’s a very nice area–our hotel was only about a mile from the beach and the pier. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures cause I wanted to enjoy myself down there and not be taking picture after picture.

The next afternoon we slept in since we barely slept the whole way down then we hit up Venice Beach! What an experience. It was somewhat of a sensory overlord. You see everything down there!

the whole gang enjoying the sun!

 Walking up and down the shops on Venice Beach we saw crazy dancers, marijuana shops, children with signs about 420 (I wish I was kidding…) and lots of Badger fans.

you mean you can’t do vertical forearm pushups? 😉
flipping over quite a few poeple!

It is like a whole different culture down there! These dancers were insane and full of good jokes, it was a really great ‘show’ to watch.

I also was super impressed with this:

Stay tuned. I’ve decided to break this into 2-3 pieces otherwise it’ll be a novel. Up next: The WI pep rally! 


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