2012 GOALS…not resolutions

Heyyy! I have finally returned to WI from the AMAZING sunny California… I would love to go back but I have to say I am looking forward to getting back into a solid workout/eating healthy/good sleep/NO DRINKING [for awhile] routine! There will be a Rose Bowl recap soon this week!

While I know this is a little bit late.. I still wanted to get my GOALS down on here… we all know that we are much more accountable when goals are stated and we have others to push us to our goals.

I say goals rather than resolutions because in the past I have found that resolutions last about a month… if that. Goals are something with drive & motivation behind it. I have a will for these to happen and I will not be giving up. So here’s to 2012… it’s going to be a HUGE year:


  • Finish my first marathon. On April 28th I’ll be doing the RnR Country Music Marathon in Nashville, TN. Training is underway and I’m incredibly excited.
  • Race in the Ragnar MTC Relay. I’m on a random team and really looking forward to it.
  • Do the Tough Mudder with my Army friends.
  • Depending how marathon #1 goes: Do the Lake Front Marathon in October in Milwaukee. If Nashville is rough for me I will forego this and do a fall 1/2 marathon and shoot for a huge PR instead.
  • strength/cross train, strength/cross train, strength/cross train! I always neglect this when I’m training for a race and I’ve been injured more times than I should. Not anymore! Being that I’ll be training for some sort of race for the majority of the year I have to spend quality time with strength and cross training. (biking, swimming, CrossFit, DVDs, etc!)


  • Become a devoted Tone It Up member. I’ve been slacking lately and I need to get better for two reasons: 1. it works. There’s been so many outstanding transformations. and 2. I paid for it! No further explanation needed there.
  • No soda OR alcohol until I successfully complete my first marathon. A lot of my friends think I’m crazy for giving up alcohol my last semester of college but I know it’ll be best for my body. I’m going to be putting my body through the wringer the next 16 weeks and I want to treat it as good as I can. Some may think I’m crazy but I also have a few very supportive friends! That beer at the finish line will taste delicious 😉
  • Test out eating less dairy. I think I may be lactose intolerant based off how I feel when I eat a lot of dairy.
  • Drink half my body weight of water a day (in oz.). I drink so much coffee but don’t drink nearly as much water as I need to.

Other exciting things happening in 2012:

  • COLLEGE GRADUATION! Come May 20th I will be an official graduate of THE University of Wisconsin-Madison. (With a goal to get a 3.5 this last semester!)
  • Commissioning as a 2LT in the United States Army. Also on May 20th I commission. It’s going to be a huge day for me.
  • Find a real job… this is the most scary of things to come for me. It actually stresses me out quite a bit.


So here’s to 2012!! Let’s get after it. =)


3 thoughts on “2012 GOALS…not resolutions

  1. wow girl awesome goals!!! i should incorporate a few of these 🙂 especially getting back onto the healthier eating bandwagon! it’s hard after holidays.
    the tough mudder looks sooo fun! and i definitely wanna tackle a marathon this year.

  2. Yahhhoooo these goals are awesome!! I DON’T think you are crazy for giving up alcohol!! It will only help you in the long run being without it!! Keep going girl I can’t wait until you finish your marathon!

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