The Final Countdown!

I have FINALLY finished this semester. Twas quite the poor semester.. I didn’t put the effort I should have in. But since I’m returning I thought this quick survey was a nice way to come back. Now that I’m on Christmas break it’ll be back to regular blogging, working out, eating, etc. Can’t wait 🙂

Egg nog or hot chocolate?
Definitely hot chocolate. I think egg nog is the grossest thing in the entire world. Hot cocoa is even better with a little peppermint schnapps added in  😉

white hot cocoa w/ holiday baark!

 Does Santa wrap your present or set them under the tree?

Santa wraps our presents beautifully and I can only imagine how long it takes! 😉 Look for a picture closer to Christmas to see just how well santa does!

Colored or white lights?

Our family has forever done white lights. To me there’s something so much more magical and traditional with white lights and beautiful ornaments. My mom does the best job on our tree! I can’t wait to go home and see it 🙂

Do you hang mistletoe?

We never have..I don’t think I’ve ever been under it before. It’s on my bucket list to be kissed under mistletoe 🙂

When do you hang decorations?

My mom usually starts the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Favorite holiday dish?

This is my favorite tradition. We have this super super UNHEALTHY but oh so good egg dish every Christmas morning. It’s a secret recipe so I can’t share!

Favorite holiday memory as a child?

When I was little we always would open one gift on Christmas Eve. It was so exciting before Santa came 🙂

What is on your Christmas wish list?

Well I know I got a new Saucony Vizipro jacket but otherwise running stuff! I’m a runnerd.

Etheral jacket

Do you open gifts on Christmas eve?

Not anymore. I’d love to re-start that tradition though.

How do you decorate your Christmas tree?

White lights, beautiful ornaments, an angel & a beautiful bow. I’ll post a picture when I get home.

Snow–love it or dread it?

Being a Wisconsinite you’d think I like the snow. I hate it for everyday except Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Unfortunately this is the first Christmas in YEARS where we haven’t had snow 😦

Sad it won't look like this this year 😦

Real tree or fake tree?

We used to go cut a real one. Now we have a fake one. But don’t worry we light pine scented candles so we still get that perfect Christmas tree scent.

Do you remember your favorite gift?

Every year I get blessed with amazing gifts that I don’t even need. As I get older I realize what is more important–my faith, family, friends, health and happiness.

What’s the most important thing about Christmas for you?

Being a college student, I love coming home and spending quality time with my family. There are more reasons to the season than the gifts.

Favorite holiday dessert?

Ohh. My mom makes some of the best Christmas cookies. Once I get home I will have to taste test them all and get back to you 😉

Favorite tradition?

Staying up late Christmas Eve, sleeping until noon on Christmas day and vegging all day long. Perfection.

What tops your tree?

A bow and an angel.

Do you prefer giving or receiving?

I love love love giving. It’s so nice seeing a smile on someone’s face when you give them a gift.

Favorite Christmas song?

This year I’ve been digging Michael Buble’s album. But Manheim Steamroller has great instrumental Christmas music. My favorite has to be “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire”….it encompasses all the best things about Christmas.

Candy canes–yuck or yum?

If I’m in the mood. I do like to throw them in my coffee though for a wintry twist.

Favorite Christmas music?

Elf for sure! So funny. I’m going to watch the Polar Express tonight… yes I am 21 years old thanks for asking 😉

What do you leave for Santa?

When I was little it was heaping plates of cookies and we don’t do anything. Maybe I will this year 🙂

Christmas morning tradition?

Sleep until noon, open gifts, drink mimosas, eat our egg dish and do absolutely nothing in PJs all day.

Do you prefer shopping on-line or in the store?

Either works for me. I still have to do some shopping…shh!

Christmas letter or card?

Doesnt matter, I just love hearing from people.

Only FOUR more days ❤

Tell me: The answer to one of those questions 🙂 


One thought on “The Final Countdown!

  1. I love that running jacket!! It seems everyone got a really cool running jacket this year, and I wish I had thought to ask for one! They look so nice and I could have used on on my run this morning. I need to go exchange some stuff for size, so maybe I’ll pick one up!

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