Winter Weather Wednesday

Catchy title, eh?

You’d think after living in Wisconsin for 21 years now that I would be acclimated to crappy winter about 6 months of the year. If you think that, you are very wrong! I hate Wisconsin weather; anything that is cold, wet, and windy I would rather hibernate. Or better yet, move down south.

When I woke up it was still pouring! After all day yesterday I had high hopes of waking up to sunshine so I could run outside. I checked the radar quick while crossing my fingers and saw this…

goo away!

That right there would be a mixture of rain, snow, sleet, and mini hail. Oh with 20-30 mph winds. Would you want to do anything other than die in bed with that weather or is it just me?

I proceeded to skip class (oops!) & put on the rain boots and winter coat (which I should not be wearing on November 9th! just sayin’) and ventured out to the gym. I thought I was going to blow away.

While walking there I was cursing under my breath at Mother Nature but once I got on the spinning belt of doom I felt better. I did a 4mi interval workout and ended up finishing in 37 minutes. Not horrible considering how much I hate the treadmill.

Then I went and did my legs weights…my legs sure were feeling it for a while. Even though I hated walking there, I was sooo glad that I worked out. It was especially better than sitting in my International Law class 😉

Because the weather was so icky today I decided it was definitely a chili day. While I was out and about I stopped at the store to pick up the ingredients.

I’d share the recipe but this ladies, is very simple. All you gotta do is place it all in the crock pot and cook on low for 8 hours. When I came back from work at 8pm the smell in my apartment was heavenly. I wish you could smell through computers….that’d be pretty sweet.

Anywho, this hit the spot. I was so chilled and kinda cranky all day and this chili was heartwarming. A tad on the spicy side but I like things to have a little kick. Luckily I have lots of leftovers too!

on nom nom

So good! Probably should have went without the cheese but hey, I’m a Wisconsin gal and it adds that little extra to the chili.

Luckily it has stopped raining/snowing/being stupid WI weather now and should be nice the rest of the week and into the weekend. Which is good because I have an 8-9 miler on the schedule this Saturday.

Speaking of running, for any of you debating a 2012 half/full marathon. This Friday, the Rock n Roll Series is cutting the price to just $65 to register. That is AMAZING. So mark your calendars for 11/11/11 to get a mega discount on a race.

Keep posted for some fun running news in my life in the next few days! Making big decisions about racing and my training schedule so stay tuned 🙂

Tell me: What do you like to do on days where the weather is crappy by you? If you could run a race anywhere, what would your first choice be?

Time to hit the books!

….Today I’m grateful for (J) Jack Johnson. Today was the perfect day to listen to some Jack Johnson and it helped my mood just a little bit :-p


4 thoughts on “Winter Weather Wednesday

  1. I WANT TO RUN AT DISNEYLAND SOSOSOSOO BAD! I will run that half marathon one day!! When the weather is crummy I stay inside and eat warm movies..color? Haha.

  2. Just learned you are from Wisconsin!! My dad is from WI, and my grandparents still live there. We visit on a fairly regular basis, but only in the summer for the very reasons you’re describing. 😉 I’m sorry it was a gross day, but it sounds like some yummy chili made up for it! When all else fails, eat some good food! 🙂

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