New Month–New Goals! Helllo NOVEMBER!

Well shooot–where did October go? I guess when you’re super busy time will simply fly by.

Not to go on a high horse but I am busier than your average college student. For some reason I thought tacking up an internship, a job (8-10 hrs a week) & as much working out lot/running as possible on top of 16 credits was a smart idea. What can I say, I’m brilliant. đŸ˜‰

Like every 1st of the month I have to set out goals for myself. I feel like November is going to be a big & successful month for me.

  1. No eating after 9pm. While this may seem late I’m usually up until at least 11pm so I have 2 hours to digest.
  2. Stick with my Tone It Up plan and lose some numbers on the measurements/scale!
  3. Severely limit alcohol intake. The only time I will be drinking this month will be Thanksgiving and the Badger game that weekend that my family is coming to. Read this post about my recent decision regarding alcohol!
  4. Continue training as if I were signed up to do a half marathon. By the time marathon training starts on Christmas Day if I follow a half marathon plan I’ll be right where I need to be with my mileage.
  5. Sign up for two 10K’s in December. The Jingle Bell Run and the Run Into the New Year with RACC.
  6. Continue lifting 4x a week. [2 days upper body, 2 days legs]
  7. STUDY HARD! I will not, I repeat will not get anything less than a B on any midterms/papers/presentations.
  8. Now that the Starbucks Christmas drinks are out it’s going to be hard to limit myself. For my bank account & my budget I’m going to limit it to once a week... and twice during Thanksgiving Break.
  9. Last but definitely my most favorite…solidify my marathon training plan. I’m tossing around a few plans right now to make what works best for me. I’m SO EXCITED!!

    I think these goals are easily attainable and I’m really excited to see where this month brings me.

Tell me: What are some of your biggest November goals?

5 thoughts on “New Month–New Goals! Helllo NOVEMBER!

  1. awesome goals girl!! i need to limit my starbucks trips too haha.
    my biggest goal is probably half marathon/marathon training coming up!

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