Self-Control & Alcohol in College

Happy Halloween! I don’t really get into Halloween.. I’m more of a Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years girl mainly cause I love spending the quality time with my family. And nothing is better than a night curled up with fuzzy blankets, my puppy, and the sweet comfort of being at home. Good thing Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

I’ve finally got my running mojo back so that’s been making me so happy again. While my weekly mileage is still low until I get to marathon training-it feels good to be logging ‘longer’ runs again. This past Saturday I ran 6.5 and could’ve ran 10! I felt phenomenal. I think it can largely be attributed to the Tone it Up diet. Which is where I get into the meat n taters of this post.

Being that I don’t get into Halloween I had plans for weeks to just stay in, do homework, and relax all weekend. While that’s just what I did on Friday night…for some unbeknownst reason I opted to go out Saturday night.

Tessa addressed this in her recent post as well. College is notorious for being the time to party hard and live it up. I personally feel judged for not wanting to go out and drink excessive amounts of alcohol and stay out til 3 am. If you’re not a party animal on my campus you’re a weirdo. Now, I’ve never been one to cave to peer pressure or care what people think about me. Yet Saturday evening I let self-control slip right through my fingers.

I had a close friend in town this weekend and we had a riot this past summer going to the bars and enjoying the freedom that summer often brings. For hours Saturday afternoon I had an inner monologue “Do I wanna go out? Do I wanna stay in? Why do I have no self-control?” I tried saying just don’t drink a lot, Karla. Just go out to relax, have fun, and enjoy the company. Why couldn’t I stick to that?

I do not even enjoy going out and drinking much anymore. I’d much rather be productive, have me time and be able to wakeup at a reasonable hour, workout & be productive. I hate spending it hungover and tired like I did this last Sunday. I worry about myself and my inability to maintain self-control and say no to alcohol. It worries me sick that I may have alcoholic tendencies…. Unfortunately, when I drink I drink. I do not know a happy-medium and that is not okay. I’ve had to come up with something different.

I figure the only way that I can keep my self-control is to give up drinking all together. Yes, I will still have the occasional glass of wine or beer with dinner and during the Holidays  But I will not, I repeat, will not be drinking to get drunk anymore. There is too much good in this world to spend your nights in a drunken stupor and your mornings/afternoons wishing you could die in bed. Come January, I will not be drinking at all anymore.

I’m sure that my friends will think I’m way less fun [which is pathetic!] and will stop asking me to hangout with them. But I have priorities, needs, wants, and GOALS that I want to achieve. Being healthy and happy is more important to me than being “happy” because of alcohol consumption.

I am so excited to see where life takes me sans-alcohol in 2012. If people want to judge–judge on.

I’m glad that the blogging community is wonderful–I know that ya’ll will help keep me accountable and be supportive!

Do you ever have problems with self-control and alcohol? 


4 thoughts on “Self-Control & Alcohol in College

  1. Ohh I love that you are doing this!! I feel like my friends feel the same way at times, thinking that I am less fun because I don’t want to get drunk. I have to pretend I am drinking just to shut them up half the time!! It is honestly pathetic! I back you up on this 100%!

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  3. I hear you about the pressure to go out there! I actually didn’t go out much my senior year and then really didn’t go out at all from age 22-25. Then all of a sudden I wanted to again. Grad school is great for going out…it’s not out of control smashed going out but so much fun in a different way. I think everyone just knows when to stop before they get too out of control (although admittedly that is not always the case). I’ve had just as much fun in grad school as I did at UW 🙂

  4. Totally understand where your concerns are coming from and it sounds cliche but if they dont like you sober than they’re not worth your time. The ones that are truely your friends love you either way and eventually you’ll become more and more comfortable with yourself sober and your friends will too…really proud of you for taking such a big step!

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