A Day in the Life

Since I’m super busy with school, work, my internship, working out and trying to find time to sleep I bring to you a day in the life of me. Enjoy!

5:37 Alarm #1 goes off. I think “absolutely not. But I have PT and have to leave by 5:50.”

5:40 Alarm #2 goes off. “Ugggh fine I’ll drag my @$$ out of this comfy, squishy heavenly bed to go to PT.” Not happy.

5:43 Back-up alarm #3 goes off. I am a bit OCD. I set 3 alarms and have to check that they’re all set at least 5 times before I go to sleep. Yes, I am crazy.

6:10. PT starts. Army PT is quite monotonous. Do some push-ups and core exercises. Do some running. Snoooze-fest.

7:30 Return from PT and highly debate crawling back into bed.

8:00 Resist the urge and head on over to the gym to life some weights. I’m trying to build some strength up to prevent any injury when I train for the RnR Country Music Marathon in April. I’m hulkin up 😉

9:00 Sip on some delicious coffee and read blogs. Gotta get my morning creep on!

9:30 Realize I have to leave in 45 minutes for class and I’m sitting in schweaty clothes.

9:30-10:30 Shower, eat, try to make myself look presentable. 


Various hours throughout the day: sit in boring classes and take thousands of notes.

Today was international law and constitutional law. Both are super boring but I know I haven’t been doing well so far in classes so I have to pay attention and try to be a good student!

But between classes I’m most definitely creeping on the blogs and Twitter–no worries.

4:00-5:30 Relax. I was laying in bed debating taking a nap but I decided to watch the Biggest Loser episode from last week. I was real sad to see Courtney go home–but she looks great!

6:00pm finally drag myself out for a run. It is getting dark so early and I totally don’t like it. Got caught running in the dark and got a little freaked out. Guess I should start relaxing after the run instead of before so I have daylight to work with.


Thank you God for giving me a pair of legs that allow me to run. It is a true blessing.

Today however I had a hard time getting out for the run since I was so cold and it was windy and super cloudy out. Thanks to Twitter and an amazing community at Tone It Up I instantly found motivation and completed a nice 4 miler.

my tweet

7:00pm “Refuel” with coffee–while reading more blogs! It was chilly and my apartment was freezing so I wanted coffee the second I walked into the door. Delicious!

if you look close maybe you'll spot yourself in my googleReader!

7:30 Make a delicious dinner. I’m doing the ToneItUp 7Day Slim Down right now so I’m on a strict “diet”. Tonight called for tilapia with asparagus–absolutely fantastic.

It was delicious. I wasn’t that hungry but I knew that if I didn’t eat dinner then come 10 pm I’d be super hungry. And I’m glad I did eat it 🙂

8:00-11:00 Homework, tidying up, homework, homework, homework. I’ve taken a ridiculous amount of international law notes and now I’m moving onto one of my three assigned chapters for History tonight. Man, I cannot wait to be a college grad.

On top of the homework for tonight I’m doing my laundry. Now that I’m done with this post I get to tackle my mound of laundry that needs to be folded… lucky me.

When I finally get done with the readings, hopefully no later than midnight I will read a devotional and spend some QT with my foam roller. My hip is aggravated right now!

So there you have it–a semi-typical day in my life. Like most college kids, it’s nothing too exciting.


Would you rather fold laundry or dry dishes? 

I really don’t like folding laundry but drying dishes would definitely take the cake.

Do you think it’s a bad idea to take an hour or two to relax in the middle of your day?

Sometimes having a power nap or watching a TV show helps me, other times it just makes me super lazy.


❤ xoxo



3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. I would most DEF rather fold laundry..I feel like drying dishes is a waste of energy because I have a side sink that can air dry them for me. Haaah. If I am tired enough, I think laying down for some me time in the middle of the day is the best idea of that day!!! Yay for runnnnningg! I love those shoess gah!

  2. I would rather fold laundry… for sure! Although I do enjoy doing the dishes after a dinner party or something, because then it gives me something to do
    I am all about taking time for myself… it’s a great time to reboot

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