How to Have the Best Weekend

Hello loves! I had intended to blog earlier in the weekend but life has been wayyy too good to me the past three days. All the stress, problems, and hurt I felt last week is gone. Let me tell you why.


I went skydiving back in August and ever since I knew I was hooked. My roommate and I had decided that we would go again this fall and had an appointment Friday the 18th. We were bummed that day cause the winds were super gusty and we had to postpone. Luckily this Friday was the perfect day for skydiving. 65 and sunny. This time around was even better. I’ll save the details for another post but here are some pictures from this time around.

I’m like a bird I wanna fly away


Ahhh I could post all the pictures but I’ll refrain myself.

Once I got back into Madison one of my best friends and her boyfriend were in town so we rented Something Borrowed and had some wine. Nothing like relaxing and catching up with a friend you don’t get to see hardly enough.


I finallly slept in on Saturday and it was glorious. Once I rolled out of bed at 9am my friends boy bought us some pumpkin spice lattes and we hit up the Farmers Market. Sadly it’ll be my last one until next Spring. 😦  I stocked up on some green peppers.

organic peppers… ’nuff said

You’ll never guess what I paid for $12 organic green peppers. Albeit small, they were only two bucks!! Gotta love Farmers Markets.

Had to take a photo with the bestie… it’ll be another few weeks until we see each other.

After a fun filled morning it was time to get a workout in. The weather this weekend was outstanding. Usually mid-October in WI brings in super chilly weather. It was 65 and sunny so it called for a lake front run. I covered 5 miles with a huge smile on my face. While the distance isn’t earth shattering it felt effortless. I am ready to tackle marathon training starting Christmas Day! In the meantime I’ll keep training for an imaginary half marathon to get me physically ready.

I also had a nice weights session before I worked. My arms are sore today! I could barely hold a pencil last night. Soon you can call me Mrs. Hulk 😉

Since I had the apartment to myself for a few hours I had some leftover spaghetti squash and a nice glass of lambrusco.

I wish I could say I enjoyed watching the Badgers win but it was a tough game to watch with a reallly bad ending. It’s alright though… we’ve only lost a game. I just think Russell Wilson lost hit shot at the Heisman and we dropped down to #12. Booo.


Woke up and got ready for church. It was another beautiful day out which kept the great mood going. Church was another outstanding message that I wish I could share everything about it with you. The moral of the story was addressing the problem all Christians find themselves in–a time where problems arise and you find yourself asking God, ‘why?’.

Often when we come onto hardships we fall back onto our default beliefs. But we need to avoid that. God IS good, God IS powerful, God IS IN control. People argue if God is in control, why does He allow bad things happen to good people? There is a fine line that needs to be balanced between sovereignty of the Lord and the moral freedoms Christians have. Our moral freedom allows us to choose evil–we misuse the freedom and pin it on God. However, God turns the bad into good. He can out-maneuver us very easily.

You will never receive the answer to the question “WHY do we suffer” but the answer CANNOT be that God does not care or that He is not in control. God suffers for us and with us. When enduring struggles–look to the cross. God is good, and God is in control.

We closed singing this song–it is beautiful and really moved me.

After church my mom and Grandma were in town for lunch and to bring some of my sweaters here. It was nice being with my family.

In case you are living in a hole, the PACKERS won!! I am married to Aaron Rodgers, remember?!

Now I’m sitting here enjoying a pumpkin beer and listening to a fall storm roll through.

Yes, not everything can always be peachy-keen. But right now life is good, God is great, and I couldn’t be in a better place. Time to hit the books to rock my midterm on Tuesday.

❤ xoxo


5 thoughts on “How to Have the Best Weekend

  1. I can’t decide if you’re crazy or if I’m jealous. I definitely want to try skydiving someday but… it’s kinda scary! You make it look enjoyable, I have to say. Good luck with your midterm tomorrow!

  2. I love everything about this post:

    1) skydiving. Never been but SOOOOOooo want to go!
    2) Your Wisco shirt. Tough lost on Saturday, but Bucky will always be the best!
    3)Half Marathon training? Ummm yes please!!!
    4) Beautiful song

    WISH I WAS IN MADISON!!!!!!!!!!!!

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