Sunday Funday

There’s soo many thinga I want to talk about on this blog I’m just so short on time all the time! Life is too busy. I’m still going through a lot of change in certain areas of my life–got a ways to go but progress is slow.

Some highlights of the past week:

It was Homecoming week and at one of the events I got a picture with Bucky; our FABULOUS mascot. Finally crossing that one off my bucket list.

I will forever love Bucky!

 I had a Groupon that was about to expire at Catalyst. Catalyst is a local shop that sells all things running/cycling related. I basically fell in love there. This is what my Groupon got me:

all things running =)

What I bought: a SpiBelt, two pairs of nice socks, Mojo bar, shot blocks & power roks! I cannot WAIT for marathon training. During Thanksgiving break I’m going to make my plan!

I also signed up for a free women’s form running workshop that night. Super excited especially that it’s free; I am on a college kid budget after all.

Last week I bought that beautiful new car I was talking about. He is beautiful, and I even named him–Meet Vinny:

In case you’ve been living in a box; Wisconsin sports are DOMINATING. And I love representing. Who thinks that the Brewers will make it to the World Series?! Badgers won yesterday [by a landslide!] same with my Packers today.

Speaking of Badgers. On Friday my roommate and I impulsively made Bucky build-a-bears. I felt like a kid again but this was just super darn cute. Then we had a photoshoot with said Buckys.

... it is Wisconsin after all.

Bucky Love

Hey look–I’m even wearing my husband’s jersey. You didn’t know I was married to Aaron Rodgers? I guess everyone loves a good surprise 😉

I also got my new running shoes in the mail this week. I’ve only ran in them once so far [lack of time to run 😦 ] but so far I’m loving them.

Brooks Adrenaline

Friday night made me re-think a lot of my lifestyle lately. So today I found myself FINALLY sitting in church again. I forgot how simply beautiful my church is and how I always feel when I leave.

beautiful message

knowing v. understanding

Today’s message was absolutely profound. We started a new series today entitled Here is Your God & today we addressed the question What is God? So many people have these clear images of God and what He does for you. But as Christians, saved by Grace, we do NOT need to understand God in order to know Him. He is too supra-natural for us to understand all of what God does, and who He is.

Some beautiful songs were sang. Including one of my favorites: Chris Tomlin–Here I am to Worship. There’s a line that really resonates with me: “And I’ll never know the cost to see my sins upon that cross”. Ponder that one.

After a beautiful day at church and watching my husband kill it on the football field I get to go to my roommates parents house for a home-cooked meal & do my laundry. Then it’s back to Constitutional Law all night. Silly exam tomorrow =/

So there you have it-the most random post & thoughts I can provide. 😀

Tell me: What makes you happy when life around you is cruddy?


8 thoughts on “Sunday Funday

  1. I just started going to Church again and I feel amazing afterwards. I want to start reading my Bible everyday! I love that last line in your notes, “do not need to understand to know God” Soo true.

  2. your new car is beautiful!!
    i skipped workout out this morning and did a devotional instead and it made me feel 100x better about my crazy life than working out ever could! God is so good 🙂

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