Stress level is at a high level. If it weren’t for this beautiful weather I’d be a crazy bee-yotch.

Luckily in Wisconsin it was in the upper 70s today. For October 5th, I’d say that’s OUT freaking STANDING.

I took the opportunity to put a cute outfit on–the adage that when you dress good you feel good, is true in my opinion. I’ve been stressed and feeling pretty down lately but it felt great to put on a cute skirt and my favorite sandals.

please ignore the awkwardness.

my favorite sandals--so purrdy

The weather makes me HAPPPY.


However, today felt like it would never end. Even though it’s an easy day of classes, it just felt like it was draggging. My 75 minute class felt like it was 3 hours long.

Finally when I was done I tried to talk myself into WANTING to run. No such luck. I did head out for a 3 miler.. but because my head and heart wasn’t in it it was cruddy. I think I’m investing in some new shoes. I’d LOVE to get these suckers. But I’ll have to try them on first!

Brooks PureCadence


Now I’m just sitting on some delicious Keurig coffee before I have to go to work at the pool. Coffee at 6:30 pm is a good thing, right? 😉


Tell Me: Does nice weather make you feel better? What about putting on a favorite outfit?


4 thoughts on “Stressss

  1. Ohh my gosh LOVEE love love that outfit you look so good!! YES the weather has an impact on my mood and so does looking good. If I feel shittty in what I am wearing it ruins my day.

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