Where Have I Been?

I think it’s safe to say that this semester I bit off more than I can chew. So what have I been doing?

*16 credits (for a political science major they all entail buttloads of reading)
*internship at the Capitol working for a senator
*ROTC stuff
*lifeguarding at the school pool
… when I’m not doing one of the above you can find me sleeping.

I have been such a failure in terms of weight loss and school. I say this often but this time I mean it. With the start of another new month (holy moley it’s OCTOBER!) I have lots of plans in action.

  • *stick with the Tone It Up plan. Starting with the 7 day slimdown tomorrow. I know the first time around I had tremendous results in just a week so imagine what would happen if I stuck with it!
  • *Start training for a “half marathon”. Although I won’t actually do a race I figure training for an imaginary half marathon will get me into shape for when my FULL MARATHON training starts in January.
  • *No Facebook for the rest of October…or longer. I deactivated my account last week. I got sick of using it to procrastinate–I need no help in that department!
  • *Strength Training. Start the NROL4W plan. 3x per week.
  • *Cross Training: Swim, bike, elliptical, etc on days off running. Gotta shed those pounds!
  • *Learn to say no. I burn the midnight oil. No more going out during the week, no more weekend late night extravaganzas.
  • *Devotionals. The Army consumes many of my weekends so getting to church has been tough lately. I want to rekindle my relationship with the Lord–every night before bed I will devote time to read my devotional, reflect, and communicate with the Lord.
  • and last but not least… budget my money much better.

I need to budget my money better because ….


I’M BUYING A NEW CAR! …new to me anyways. It’s an ’07 Honda CRV. I always dreamed of getting a Jeep Liberty but Honda’s are so reliable and I found a really good deal. Next week I will be a proud new owner to this beauty:

my new baby

Off to hit the books. My roommate and I have to do some errands later and buy a pet fish 🙂

Tell me: How do you get back onto track? Any good time management skills?



6 thoughts on “Where Have I Been?

  1. I really enjoy it.. there’s lots of flexibility. Because I’m a college student, like most things in college it can be difficult to follow to a T. But I modify and adapt when I need to. I just started the 7 day slim down to kickstart the plan again cause the latter half of September I ate lots of junk.

  2. hey! im new to blogging and i just started reading yours. i totally understand how school is so time consuming! but congrats on training for your half – then full marathon. thats a great goal! LOVE the car btw. super cute. have a great day!

  3. I deactivated my FB for a LONG time!! I JUST reactivated it like 2 days ago and am already like..meh..this isn’t so great. I LOVE THAT CAR!! Come pick me up and we will go for a drive.

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