September Goals

Hey Ya’ll! I’m still working on part 2 of my post on change so until then I figured I’d get my goals out there.. even though it’s already a week in its better late than never, right?

  • Starbucks only once a week. Doesn’t sound too hard does it? WRONG. The glorious pumpkin spice latte is back and I’m salivating at the thought of one. Must. Wait. Until. Sunday… can I do it?
  •  Strength train 2-3 times a week. Now that I’m finallly finished with New Rules of Lifting for Women I plan on hitting the weights…tonight! Plus my gym on campus just re-did the weight room so I’m excited to go check it out.
  • Keep organized. Ever since I had a messy roommate for the past 2 years (finallly not anymore now!) I became much messier than I am used to. My clothes are scattered, bed is unmade, and my desk is untidy. For someone with OCD this is unusual… must get back to organization.
  • Stay on top of readings and assignments. Last semester I slacked big time with readings.

    this will NOT happen anymore

    Not anymore. Gone are those days… those books are gnarly though. Constitutional Law and Fundamental Principles of International Law… oy vay. Plus, there’s an adorable guy in two of my classes… so I have to look smart and beautiful =)

  • Only go outtt one weekend. I don’t want to go out at all this month really but I’m visiting my bestest friend in Oshkosh the weekend of the 17th. I’m super excited!
  • Only take the stairs….elevators do not exist. I only live on the 5th floor of my apartment complex [pictures of the new place will be coming later this week!] and what better way to get a little exercise in?! Downside: sometimes it smells funky in there. You name it, I’ve smelled it… pizza, vomittt, weed. Then I just plug my nose 🙂
  • Stick with the Tone It Up program.  This is a new lifestyle I’m incorporating.. you’ll hear all about it in my next post.
  • Lose 4 pounds. I know, the number game is horrible. But with all the change I’m embracing in my life this is a realistic goal and something I’m really striving for.
  • last but not least… talk to aforementioned cutie in my classes. 😉  Suprisingly enough this might be the hardest one for me to achieve. Without some [icky] liquid courage I’m horrible with guys.

 Happy Tuesday!

Whats your biggest goal for September? Do you swoon over the pumpkin spice latte too? How do you approach a cute guy? 🙂 


3 thoughts on “September Goals

  1. These goals are awesome possum! All of them are realistic so go out there and snag those biatches. As for talking to the guy, just GO FOR IT! What have you got to loose? After this semester you’ll probs never see him again, UNLESS you talk to him. SO with that said be like, “hey baby you fioone.” OK not really, sit by him and incorporate the convo somehow with the topics in class? Or something he is wearing. The longer you wait the more awkward it will be!

  2. Nice attainable goals. You can do it!! As for talking to the cutie….what works for me is approaching it in a super relaxed innocent way. ie: “bummer about that 3 hours of reading….” just my 2 cents 🙂 goodluck!

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