Friday Favorites

Now that I’m slowly but surely getting settled into my new place and work is coming to an end… I’m getting back onto the blogging wagon (along with the rest of my normal life… including working out!) So what better way to start than with a Friday Favorites post =)

My Keurig. Now that I finally moved I’ve FINALLY put this bad boy to use. It is so convenient and I absolutely love it. This morning I’m sipping on a chai latte..tastes just like Starbucks!!


 The new(?–new to me anyways) Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama eyeliner. I’m super picky with my eyeliners cause I need them soft…but then they usually smudge. Not this stuff… seriously go get some. So worth the $8 it is. It’s a gel and it goes on smoothly and looks fiercee 😉

Best stuff everrr

My new apartment. It’s super nice to have my own bedroom again… the kitchen is way more spacious than my previous one and I LOVE my roommate. Finally a good roommate. When everything is all finished I’ll put pictures up don’tchya worry. But this is what I get to look out at from my bedroom everynight…..

Pure Bliss

 A short but sweet list of favorites today. I’m off to orientation at my tech school for court reporting! So excited to turn a new page in my book. 

Then it’s more unpacking/decorating. Tomorrow is the Dirty Girl Mud Run… I CANNOT wait. Maybe a ‘race’ will get me back into running–I’m struggling these days!

Tell me: What is one of your Friday Favs? Any fun weekend plans?


4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I want a Keurig sooo badly! I think my dad has one in his office that he never uses, so I’m planning a way to steal it 😉 My number one Friday fave would probably be chocolate almond milk. Discovered it today and LOVE it!

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