What I’ve Been Doing… in bullets

As always, this summer is still crazy. I have been super busy:

  • Packing/moving/cleaning: I moved out of my old apartment and am ‘homeless’ for 3 days. Luckily my new roommate who I work with lives in the city we work so her fam is being ahhhmazing and letting me crash here.
  • Working… no surprise there. My nose is super pink! Only 5 more days then the pool closes. And about a week later I’ll miss it even though all I do is b**** about it right now 😉
  • NOT working out. I’m slacking so bad and the pounds are catching up with me. I can NOT wait for school to start and get back into my workout routine. Anyone wanna come out to WI and give me a swift kick in the arse and go on a run with me!?!? =)
  • Reading as much as I can. Currently working on:
  • Been battling countless migraines. Cue the reason I’m not working out much. I think it is a culmination of stress, allergies, and dehydration. Hoping I can fend them off before my life gets more intense in September [hello ~25 credits, ROTC, and training..]
On a different note, this Saturday I’m running the Dirty Girl Run with Sam. I am totally looking forward to it even though I’ll be ridiculously slow. Luckily it’s more of a fun race than a RACE. It’s a mudddy 5k with obstacles. Can’t wait.
Time to keep working on report cards for the kiddos I teach during swim lessons. Cute, eh?
I won’t be back until probably Friday afternoon… finally moving into my new apartment tomorrow and it’ll take a while to get all settled in!
Tell me: What’s something exciting you’ve been up to?!

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