A Big One Off the Bucket List!!

So even though I’m super busy with moving and working… I had to write this post up (while watching Jersey Shore, obvi!) A huge thing has been crossed off my Bucket List & I finally did something I’ve been just dying to do.

On Tuesday evening I jumped out of a perfectly functioning airplane for fun! I can’t even begin to tell you what it was like… almost like an out-of-body experience. Ahh I’m still on such a high from it!

Let me back up. We had a reservation for 1pm at Skydive Midwest in Sturtevant, WI. There was 20-30 mph winds that day so I was super nervous that we would not be able to get to jump that day after I had struggled to get off work. Indeed they were on a weather hold for about 4 hours. We just sat around hoping to see people starting to get their harnesses on…. as the day went on we were less and less nervous and more anxious to find out if we’d even get to jump that day!

Ari & I

Mid-afternoon they took about 3-4 planes out for their jumps and then went BACK onto a weather hold. I was actually starting to get angry cause I wanted to go so bad… Nothing like watching people jump out of an airplane knowing you should be going anytime!

Around 6:30pm we FINALLY hear our names called to head into the hanger and meet up with our tandem instructors. I got sooo lucky because my tandem dude, Andrew, was so. freaking. AWESOME! Right away he made me feel super comfortable like I had known him for a long time.

Our instructors got our harnesses on and we snapped some pictures and I may have been a teeensy weensy nervous at this point. But still just super excited.

Andrew may have flirted with me … a lot!

Once our harnesses were on we met our videographers who ‘interviewed’ us and then just waited for the other people in our plane load to get ready to go!

SOOO Ready!!

Finalllly we got into the small little plane and were starting to climb up to the 14,500 ft where we would go SKYDIVING!!!!!!

just about time

The planes they use at Skydive Midwest are some of the fastest in the country in terms of getting up to the 14,500 ft. I talked with Andrew and the others in the plane on the way up… Andrew said I was one of the most fun people theyve went with in a while cause I was sooo amped!! We were probably up in about 8 minutes and I was second out of the door. I thought I’d be nervous but between waiting all day & the short amount of time… there was NO time to be nervous. They opened up the ‘door’ to fall out of and I was ECSTATIC!

I’m on the edgeeee of glory =)

 And I was OUT of the plane.. doing flips with Andrew!


We were so happy that it was cloudy cause I fell through a cloud. Can you imagine that!? This is my favorite picture…

best time of my life

One rather unfortunate thing is that I forgot to lift my head up so my videographer didn’t get many of me smiling… but I was too engrossed in the fact that I was going approx 120 MPH just free falling. So liberating.

freeee…freee fallin’

 Once he pulled the chute (after about 60 seconds of AMAZINGG free falling!!) we got to chat it up. I told him to give me whatever he had and we would just spin around and aroundddd. Un-freaking-believable. I asked him how many times he has gotten to jump. Since doing it in the summer only since 2003 he has well over 600 jumps. Averages 8-12 jumps/day M-F and about 15-20 on weekends. I AM SO JEALOUS! <–if it weren’t so expensive I would definitely look into being an instructor.

Finally after about 5 minutes under the chute.. I landed safely! =)


If skydiving is something you want to do but you’re too scared.. don’t let the fear stop you. It is the best experience ever. With all the crud I’ve been dealing with lately it was so liberating to just..fall. With not a single worry (other than the dying part 😉 ) Ari & I have decided to not shop for 2 months and go again in October when the leaves are changing. I will be requesting Andrew cause he was sooo much fun!!

I wish you all could see my video but I got to get back to packing and can’t figure out how to upload it onto here.

Tell me: Would you ever go skydiving?! Have you?!


7 thoughts on “A Big One Off the Bucket List!!

    • i had a groupon (addicted to those!!) so I got to skydive for $125. Usually it’s $210 but since I’m in the military I’ll get to go for $150 (BONUS!) The video/120 still photos were another $104 but SO worth it. I still get butterflies in my tummy when I watch it. =)

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