Crazy Tragic Sometimes Almost Magic Awful Beautiful Life

My life is absolutely CRAZYYY. I still have been working 50 hour weeks, have NOT been working out, and have been going out way too much with friends. On top of it all I have to move out August 14th and wait until the 17th to move into my new apartment..down the block. Talk about inconvenient! As I type I have 3 dudes in my smallll apartment remodeling the kitchen. It’s kind of awkward.

Here’s a quick post about whats making me stay sane…. and confusing me more than anything.

  • Tomorrow at 1PM CDT I will be jumping out of a fully functioning airplane. Nervous…yes. Excited–HELLL YES! With all thats been on my mind I can’t wait to just… fall. I think it will be incredibly liberating.
  • Having the best girlfriends ever. I have so much fun with them and whenever we go out downtown we own the city!!
my ladies
  •  SHOPPING. I have a shopping problem… a serious one. The other day I went into Marshalls looking for a hair dryer. Did I end up with one? Absolutely not. I did however find $250 worth of home decor and BEAUTIFUL dresses. I plan on taking pictures of all my ‘summer splurges’ once I get settled into the new place.
Then there’s what has been driving me insaneeee. (Which the retail therapy and girl time has been helping with!) The dreaded topic of … dare I say, men.
Either I have horrible luck or just sure know how to pick them.
Exhibit A. I met what I thought to be a great guy last week at the bar. We hung out the whole night, had a ton in common, and exchanged phone numbers. When I texted him 4 days later saying I’m glad I met him and that we should grab a drink or a bite to eat sometime.. I get no response. What is it that makes guys so DUMB?! [Which he clearly isn’t being that he’s in med school….]
Exhibit B. A friend of mine was in town for a trail bike race (so neat btw!) and we have always been really flirty in the past. After the race we cuddled up, watched a movie, & then grabbed a bite to eat. I really enjoyed his company and could be myself around him. The catch… he’s not a relationship person. Why do I do this to myself?! I guess I shouldn’t complain too much as once school starts up again I will have z.e.r.o. life…but I’m sure I could find time to have study dates. ha!
Now that you’ve read my POINTLESS rant about testosterone and it’s stupidity… I do have good news. I have FINALLY gotten into my Judicial Reporting program for sure. Classes start the end of this month… EEEK!
Time to go cash some checks, make some phone calls, and head to the pool for work again! … oh, and get away from the creepy men working in my kitchen. 😉 
Have a fantabulous Monday ya’ll!!

One thought on “Crazy Tragic Sometimes Almost Magic Awful Beautiful Life

  1. Girrrrl I hear ya on the man issue. I have given up all together and figure when the time is right, my prince charming will show up on my doorstep with a cart full of chocolate and kittens. That, or I will meet him while grocery shopping. Either way, I find that if I think about it too much it gets to me. Enjoy being YOU and love yourself and know that it will happen so don’t worry your pretty little head. HAVE A BLAST tomorrow omg I am so excited for you.

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