Life is Taking Over

Gooodness gracious I’ve been putting blogging on the back burner this summer–that’s what happens when you’re having so much FUN! This has seriously been the best summer ever…despite being gone for a month.

Here’s a stream of photos of what I’ve been up to…enjoy!

ps. I promise Im not an alcoholic. It was a long celebration of turning 21! 😉 … I also know this is a healthy living blog but it was a party in July!

My twin (not actually..) & some other girls went down to State St. in Madison and hit up a rooftop bar for a $5 margarita. It was stunning..gorgeous night, gorgeous girls, gorgeous view.

my twin & i at Fresco
My mom made fun glasses for all the guests at my party! 

the bday girls glass!

 As a funny party favor we got ‘barf buckets’ and boas!


Even though we only went downtown Milwaukee we all wanted to get super dolled up. Here’s my hair for the night & the group with a shot of UV Cake [delicious!]


my beautiful friends ❤

 Of course…. we had to roll down to Milwaukee in style. What other way to do it than a HUMMER LIMO!?!?

my ride for the night

 All of the ladies outside the limo–so much fun!


One of my best friends (and my roommate in about 2 weeks!!!) bought me a shotglass necklace..

Next up–Coyote Ugly! I did NOT want to get up on that bar and dance but eventually I did and it was so much fun!

heyy ladies

 My favorite picture of the night coming up–we owned that bar! 

I assure you.. the blue bra is NOT ours

I ran into my (ex-bf… kinda?) friend! It was so much fun.

sam, me, mason

This night was so much fun! We plan to do it again in SEP 2012 after my friend gets back from a deployment to Kosovo. Every part of the night was a success and so much fun.

Besides celebrating my bday and summer, I’ve been working 40-50+ hour work weeks, packing to move half a block away.. & doing some damage to the bank account. A list of recent purchases:

  • 2 pair of HIGH heels (one which I wore for my bday in the pix)
  • Sperry’s
  • SKYDIVING GROUPON… that’s right I’m jumping out of a plane. Next Tuesday!
  • …and lots of other stuff! But it’s all good =)
TELL ME: How’d you spend your 21st bday? Are you having a great summer?



2 thoughts on “Life is Taking Over

  1. HOLY BALLS you look AMAZING!!! LOVE LOVE luuuhhve your dress. Wowza serrriously. As for the drinking..who currrres!! I have my moments with a little too much bubbly, it’s all about how you balance the rest of your days. HAPPY 21st to you lovely lady it looks like it was a blast. I spent my 21st bday in Disneyland!! Bahaha..I was visiting a guy I was dating at the time, and so we went to good old Mickey land. I loveeed it. SKYDIVING!?!!? OMGAHH…I CANNOT wait to read about that! You wild woman, I lloovee it.

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