A Day “Off” Work

Ever since I’ve been back from WA I’ve been go-go-go! Most of the days I’ve spent at work ALL.day.long in the 90-105 degree heat with about 70% humidity. You could say I enjoyed every second of my day off… but I still had to teach swim lessons from 10-1.. which by the way I have the cutest kids ever in my lessons which makes it so enjoyable!

Back to the meat n taters of this. I had such a great day & this is how I enjoyed the rest of my day off.

Started off with an amazing bfast: egg whites, southwestern egg beaters, a little cheese & some TABOULE <–best stuff

& there was coffee consumed, per usual.

and a quick mini workout to get my blood moving and get my a** back into gear. If you have some downtime give it a try: 10 jumping jacks, 10 pushups, 10 squats, 10 crunches..repeat with 9, 8, etc. down to 1. Felt good! =)

After lessons I was ready to relax. I watched about 3 episodes of Suits… have you seen it yet? It may be my new favorite show which is huge cause I love TV…plus the main character is such a heart throb!

Guess what I FINALLY did?! I worked out. Since I spend all my days outside I decided to utilize the AC’d gym instead. I did the 30-20-10 workout from Kristin @ Iowa Girl Eats. The workout can be found here.. I adapted it a little to 6.0-7.0 intervals since I haven’t really ran in 6 weeks (gasp!). Even though I was a sweaty hot mess after (& no worries, I will spare you the picture) it felt phenomenal to get some endorphins moving.

Refueled with a smoothie–my gma bought my the Magic Bullet for my bday. Even though I love my VitaMix this baby is perfect for quick single servings.

Into my bullet went: skim milk, fresh rasberries (handpicked from my daddy!), bluebs, spinach, chia seeds, chocolate protein powder & strawbs

the ice makes it look funny.

I had plans to pick up a movie with my bestie but she asked if I wanted to stop at Kohl’s to find her mom something for her bday… ummm would I EVER say no to some shopping? Despite buying lots this summer (read: ray bans, skydiving reservation, 2 pairs of high heels) I found a pair of super cute heels for only $13!! & They’re Vera Wang.. this was such a steal. Especially since they’re like walking on clouds.

ooo la la

Then we picked out a movie.. “How Do You Know”. Do not waste your time watching it. I thought it’d be great, Reese Witherspoon was in it. But we ended up FF’ing it because it was so horrible!

When I got home I watched The Bachelorette in bed & finally hit the hay at 1 am. So unusual for me! Go JP! I really don’t like Ashley and think that JP is too… perfect for her. But I still hope he wins… otherwise I’ll take him! 🙂

May not look like an exciting day but after a month of Army training then 45 hour work weeks outside, this was just what I needed.

Off to clean my INSANELY messy apt (which I move out of in 3 weeks!) & shower. It may be silly to shower when I have to hop in a pool… but when you take your hair out & it stays in place I think it’s about time. 😉

Pray for more thunderstorms for me… I would love to not work another 10.5 hour day.


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