Lesson Learned

I’ve been MIA this week for an unfortunate reason. I learned the hard way to never let a friend [or anyone who’s not a chiropractor] crack your back. 

Let me back up a minute.

A few years back I was involved in a small car accident. We all were okay and I just had a little whiplash.. or so I thought. Ever since that day my back acts up and aches. I’ve always simply just had my friends do the ‘bear hug’ and crack it for me.

Sunday I had my friend crack my back and it felt great, so I had him do it again that night. That evening I was just a little sore but thought nothing of it. Woke up feeling stiff, but only like I had slept wrong.

I had plans to do a mach PT test before I leave for my Army stuff and was going to do a timed 2-mile run then 3-4 miles on the trails. After a mile or so my back was super stiff so I stopped, stretched it a bit and went on my merry way. At 1.69 miles I had to come to a complete stop.

Now I have an incredibly high pain tolerance and this was simply unbearable. I got down in the grass in the shade and did some Childs Pose and some back stretching and that’s when I got stuck… yes, you heard me right. I was stuck on the grass, hiding behind a bench in the shade. All I could think of was dying there and no one would find me. Dramatic much? 😉

After 10 minutes of excruciating pain I eventually hobbled into the lobby where I work and got on the couch and cried/screamed/held in the puke cause I hurt so bad. I eventually was able to breathe without screaming, called my mom, doctor, and boss. Then I continued to lay there, wanting to die, surrounded by my co-workers. How embarassing.

I iced my back for an hour before my friend picked me up to take me to the doctor. The doc concluded it is just muscular from someone cracking my back the wrong way & that I am incredibly lucky that I didn’t herniate a disc. I did ensure they took x-rays to make 100% sure that it was just muscular.

Moral of the story: If you feel like you can’t brink the $$ for a chiro, do it. It will save you an immense amount of pain in the long run.

For now I’m on a muscle relaxer and can’t exercise for couple days still. I’m a bit nervous as I leave Friday morning for my Army stuff and have a PT test probably on Sunday or Monday… that means I have to do 2 min of sit-ups, 2 min of pushups, and a 2mi run. Lets cross the fingers that I am pain-free by then.

For now I occupy my couch & bed. The drugs make me SCHNOOOZY!


3 thoughts on “Lesson Learned

  1. Ohhh my gosh this is scary!! I have my friends crack my back or walk on my all the time!! NOT anymore!! I am so glad you are OK, that could have been awful. I hope your back feels better soon!!

  2. So glad it isn’t very serious, though I have no doubt you’re in a ton of pain. I can’t imagine being stuck in that position and there’s nothing worse than hurting so bad it makes you want to puke.

    I hope by next Monday, you’ll be able to do your PT without problem. Get some rest!

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