What Would You Grab…

Holy Molayyyy. That crazy heat wave that WI had all this week finally broke.. when a cool front came through we had some nasty storms!

But first, fun stuff!  I had plans to get a 5 mile run in but after all the mid-upper 90s and being outside.. I was flat out wiped out. So I ended up hitting the snooze for about … an hour and a half. Oops!!

Today the pool that I work at finally opened up, which was nice since it’s been so hot lately. It was just a school rental so it wasn’t too busy which made it even better.

I made some coffee on my way & packed up a delicious lunch:

love my DD coffee
best salad for lunch!

in this salad: fresh spinach, chopped organic carrots, black beans, chopped string cheese, smokehouse almonds, fresh green onions
all packed for work–salad, cottage cheese, carrots & sugar snaps!

Work was uneventful, but enjoyable just soaking up the sun and finally being with my favorite co-workers.

Going into tonight I had quite the to-do list:
*5 mile run
*sweet potato fries
*request transcripts
*pack for LDAC
*finish application for court reporting program
*clean desk
*paint nails…

Needless to say I got an AMAZING 5.5 mile run in on the treadmill. It was seriously great.. here’s what I wrote on my DailyMile:

Twas amazing.

 Then this happened….

oh hey storm, NBD

Tornado in Verona.. hail..100+mph winds..no big deal?

kind of a dark sky for 7:30… scary!

The sky was green, the wind was howling, and I was kinda freaking.

I’d like to say that I was a champ and stuck it out in my apartment. But I beelined downstairs to watch the storm and be closer to the underground parking if need be.

Like an idiot.. I grabbed by macbookie, my camera, and my cell phone! It’s like that infamous question… what would you grab if your house started on fire? Well what would you grab?!

Embarassing fact…I definitely debated grabbing my running shoes and my Garmin too. How awesome am I?!

Waited the storm out then started my laundry and my fries! So good, so easy.

get in mah belly

Sweet Potato Fries:
-one sweet potato, wedged
-2 tsp EVOO
-s&p to taste
-chili pepper to taste
bake at 450 for 20 mintutes, flipping half way through. VOILA!

Now I’m just finishing up my laundry and relaxing. Going to call my mom as well, she’s been in the hospital cause her Crohns disease is acting up… I have a busy day tomorrow now that I have to complete my to-do list that got thrown to the wayside thanks to the storm!

What would you grab?!

Also… please please PLEASE watch this. Cutest thing I’ve ever seen.


5 thoughts on “What Would You Grab…

  1. Amazing job on that run!! I need to get my hands on that cinnamon coffee. I’m a cinnamon fiend! I can’t believe how quickly the weather changed in the midwest! It’s so cold in Chicago right now too! And I would have grabbed all of that too haha!

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