Evidence of Summer

I really thought once summer came I would be a better blogger. But I leave next Friday for Ft. Lewis, WA until July 15th so I’ve been doing a lot before I have no life for a month. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Being an idiot & running when it’s H-O-T.
Now that I can finally “run” (I use quotes cuz I’ve lost so much ‘speed’…which I barely had to begin with) I am doing it as much as I can.
Even though this was the forecast


I geared up for a 3-4 mile run at noon on a hot summer day. I don’t know if that makes me hardcore or certifiably insane. You choose 😉

Luckily this bad boy kept me hydrated (with hot water..yum?)

❤ my nathan handheld

 And this was the final result:


I don’t sweat–I glisten.

That sounds so much more feminine.
Get ready for a really [NOT] attractive picture. I had to find a way to cool off after this run… so naturally I stuck my head in the freezer?
Gosh I’m really weird. And that’s why you love me 🙂

Enough about the running in hot weather. Which by the way, if you have any tips on running in heat let me know. I suck.

Today I went to the pool to vaccuum a bit before we open tomorrow. Then I went to the lake with my friends and proceeded to fry….even with SPF 50 on.


That’s quite the cute tanline I have from a) where I couldn’t reach with my sunscreen & b) where my suit tie was. Awesomeee! Tomorrow will be lots of fun lifeguarding in the sunny, mid-90s weather. FML.

One more piece of evidence that it is summer.

so long starbuckies!

My apartment is only 4 blocks away from Starbucks and this AMAZING drink was gone about halfway to my apartment. After being outside all day it was perfection.

Tonight I have plans to go down to the terrace with some ladies and get a few pitchers of beer. However, with all the heat and cause I want to get a 5 mile run in before I work tomorrow I think I’ll be bringing a BIG glass of ice water along instead. I’m sooo much fun…. At least it’ll be pretty and there will be fun, albeit drunk people there!


The Terrace is one of the most fun places on campus, especially during the summer. Can’t wait!

Tomorrow I have quite the to-do list: stay-tuned!

For those of you interested in doing a guest post on anything your heart desires, just e-mail them to me by next Wednesday morning at kcriemer@wisc.edu

You all rock! xo


2 thoughts on “Evidence of Summer

  1. Baha I live like an hour away from Ft.Lewis! I totally looked just like you the otherday when I decided it would be a good idea to run outside, given WA isn’t AS hot..but for us, anything above 60 is hot. I wish I could say I glisten, but I straight up sweat buckets. It’s hella nast. Enjoy your freedom while you can!

  2. So so happy to see your comment on/my blog the other day 🙂 we might be like twins after reading through yours and catching up…just the other day I was out in 90 some degrees and took my new nathan for the first time! Same color by the way…im glad you were aware enough to make some changes in your lifestyle before it got too bad…id love to do a race if were ever in the same plce at the same time!

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