Good Friends, Good Times

I’ve been MIA since last week but for great reasons!

First off, thank you for your amazing support on my decision to sign up for my first marathon! It’s awesome getting support from ya’ll & I can’t wait to embark on the journey of becoming a marathoner… between going to two schools and being in ROTC/National Guard. What can I say, I’m a go-getta!

This weekend my very good friend came and visited me in Madison. Unfortunately I was a horrible blogger and took zero pictures. I was too caught up in her fabulous company. She goes to school out near Boston so we only get to catch up during the summer.

Saturday I woke up early to get a run in before I picked her up. It was 75 degrees and 80% humidity at SIX THIRTY AM! Hey mother nature, where the bleeeep did the ‘progressively getting warmer’ part of summer go.. WI is not supposed to be that hot and sticky that quickly. I only went 3 miles and was literally dripping when I stretched died in my living room after.

After I picked my friend up we went to the Farmers Market. Got some delicious goods: green onion, asparagus, 2 bags of spinach, & I tried a small square of baklava. It was soo goood & melted in my mouth. Yum.

the BEST farmers market, hands down.

We were h-o-t after walking around the capital so we came back to sit in the AC for a while. We just talked, read some Runners Worlds/Cosmo/Fitness and just had girl time. Nothing better!

After relaxing a bit we went to the store to pick up some dinner fixins and some movies. We made homemade pizza and rented:

ohh heyyy Ashton 😉


A bit overrated if you ask me....


‘Life as We Know It’ is seriously adorable. It is a chick flick, but it is also very comical. I may keep it another night from RedBox and watch it again. Not to mention, this hunk is in it:

hey heyyyy good lookin'

In the movie he plays the part of a doctor, with a killller southern accent. I can’t wait til I make the big move to TN and find myself a nice southern gentleman. Worth the wait, right?

I also was able to convince my friend into doing a little workout with me. I have my Army training coming up and I need to get in shape for it, and my friend is ‘dieting’ for her wedding in 2012! We popped in a new JM dvd.. & it was pretty tough! More than I was expecting. Definitely worth the $12.98 … plus, I have a girl-crush on JM.

can i have her bod please?

Definitely recommend it!

We hit the hay early cause today was church day! I sure will miss my church when I’m gone for a month.. I can’t believe I leave in less than two weeks 😦

It was a great weekend catching up with her, I miss her already!

As soon as my monster salad settles I’m heading out for a sweaty 5 miler. I will most definitely collapse in the shower afterwards.


Since I’m leaving for a month and will be sans-blog (or Internet, phone, or any normal part of my life for that matter) until July 17th… anyone interested in doing a guest blog post in my absence? Nothing in particular, whatever your big, beautiful hearts desire!! Let me know =)

❤ xoo


5 thoughts on “Good Friends, Good Times

  1. I completely get what you mean about missing your church!! 😦

    So glad you caught up with a friend 😀

    Hope you had a nice run!! Where are you going for a month???

  2. I definitely agree that No Strings Attached was over-rated, but Life as We Know It was AMAZING!! It’s been so sticky and humid in Chicago too! Yuck! I’d definitely do a guest post for you, girl! Love your blog! 🙂

  3. Ahh farmers markets!! I LOVE THEM!!! 🙂
    I’m totally up for doing a guest post…let me know if you want me to!

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