Tangent Tuesday

These past few days have been divine & how I would spend errryday of my life if I could. Allow me…

I have been abusing the power of the Vitamix!

nom nom nom

In this amazing smoothie: frozen strawberries & blackberries, 6 oz vanila oikos yogurt, a little chocolate milk to move things, half a banana, and topped with a dallop of rediwhip! 

My mom has one and I love being home to use it. I actually bought one off QVC this year but don’t have room in my apartment until I move this August. You best believe there will be lots of smoothies in the near future.

Yesterday I made Fruit Salsa!

perfect summer dessert


So good & so easy.

*16 oz strawbs diced
*1 golden delicious apple, cored & diced
*2 kiwi, skinned & diced
*6 oz rasberries diced
*2-3 tbsp fruit preserve (I used cherry)
*1 tbsp brown sugar/splenda
*3 packets splenda

This was quite the hot commodity at our Memorial Day cookout. We piled it on pound cake/ate spoonfuls. Of course I forgot my camera so have no pictures of the cookout. Boo.
An amazing summer beverage [of the alcoholic assortment]

Memorial Day drink of choice


This bad boy was so delicious… kind of reminded me of my wild days where I’d put down shots of blueberry smirnoff with a chaser of lemonade like it was my job. Luckily those days are gone. 🙂

An amazing summer beverage [of the non-alcoholic, caffeinated variety!]

Mocha Coconut (extra coffee & skim milk) frapp!

Tried this bad boy out… after being skeptical as I’m not a huge coconut fan. After getting acclimated to the coconutty taste I really liked it.
I dubbed today Triathlon Tuesday!!

My friend is training for her first sprint Tri and since I’m STILL at home (putting off that going back to my apt thing for awhile now) I joined her. We did 1,000 yard swim, 13.1 mi bike, & finished it off with a 5K.
With my swimming background & my newfound passion for running I would kill a sprint triathlon. Maybe later this summer!? I’ll keep it a nice little surprise 😉
Tomorrow is National Running Day!

While I think it’s great to honor a day for runners… all us runners know that everyday is National Running Day in our books. However, the RnR series is giving discounts to register for the series races tomorrow and TOMORROW ONLY! Wait until what I have in store for ya’ll tomorrow!
Check out this post at Caitlin’s Healthy Tipping Point. Seriously heartbreaking but an incredible read. Definitely trying to spread the word about this one & you should too! 

Welll it is time to clean my room and have some dinner with my momma!

Tell me: What are some of your tangents about yourself? I’d love to hear 🙂


3 thoughts on “Tangent Tuesday

  1. Mmmm Vita-Mix=loveee. I used to work with them, but I have cheated on my Vita-baby and I bought a Blendtec. I found a great deal at Costco I couldn’t pass up! I think I love them equal. That smirnoff looked gooood and your story of the old days throwin back the shots made me laugh..I can relate all too much.

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