A Perfect Weekend

Hey Ya’ll!

It has been a perfect weekend for me… full of family, friends, fun, an amazing church service & FINALLY figuring out what I’m going to do career-wise. Woo-hoo!

Saturday morning I went for a 5 mile run with my friend. We went sans-Garmin and really enjoyed ourselves. It’s nice to get out there & enjoy the real reason I like running…for the way it makes me feel. I get so caught up in speed and whether I’m burning enough calories that I forget about the beauty that surrounds me. Plus I have some kick-ass company with me 🙂

Then I hit up the grocery store with my momma to get some goodies for a cookout and took this guy for a walk around the lake.

look at that black beauty

Isn’t he precious!? I wish I could say he was mine….unfortunately he’s my brothers but when I go home to my parents house I spend lots of time with him. He’s my favv.

The grandparents joined us last night for a Memorial Day dinner… complete with hamburglars, corn on zee cob, ballpark hotdogs, and cole slaw! So delish.

my burgers winking atchya

After being in a food coma, we sat down to some coffee and Little Fockers. It was a great time all around.

Woke up this morning and had a delicious breakfast before heading to church: angel food cake, strawbs, coffee creamer, and a little rediwhippp!

perfect brekkie

Put on a cute outfit and went to the best church service ever with my friend and her family.

WOW! Please forgive my nearly closed eyes. Apparently when I smile my cheeks like to take over my entire face… must work on that!

Jesus time! The message was about finding joy in suffering. It was such a powerful sermon… had me in tears by the end. We are worthy of suffering. People often complain and dread hardships and trials we are handed. Yet as Paul explains in Philippians, in dealing with suffering and living through it we are establishing a closer, stronger, beautiful relationship with the Lord. & if we don’t make it through… we simply can go live eternal life in Heaven with Him & the angels… win-win! So my pastor’s fabulous question… what is there to fear?!

My challenge to you (and myself) is to start to embrace and welcome suffering with open arms. He closed on a powerful note: Joy is sweetest when the Christian cross is it’s heaviest. We closed in a song of worship and images from the Passion of the Christ…by the end I was tearing up. We are worthy of suffering, and we do it all together.

[I apologize if you’re reading this and are not entirely religious.. it was just another beautiful part of my life I wanted to share!]

Back to trying to figure out fall classes…. I am looking to get into judicial reporting as a career so I’m applying to a tech college and taking some tests in addition to finishing my last year of college to get my BS in Legal Studies. So excited, I FINALLY know what I’m doing. I may also be watching a Criminal Minds marathon because I am in love with the show Shemar Moore.

Happy Sunday! 


6 thoughts on “A Perfect Weekend

  1. LOVE that dog, love the winking food, love your church attire, love that you had a great service, and LOOOVEE that you figured out what you want to do!! That step can be really hard and sometimes it takes longer to get where we want to go (don’t ask how long it’s taken me you will cry) but as long as we have a goal and work towards it we will eventually get there!! Yayaya!

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