Sunday Funday

Hey there!

Yesterday was quite the fun Sunday. I had an early work meeting at 8am which meant I couldn’t get to church. But it was good to see everyone I’ll be working with this summer…now the pool just needs to open & I need to get back from Army training. More on that later.

Afterwards I hit up the gym. It was hot out… okay 82 degrees but that’s a bit too hot for me to run outside in. So I opted for the treadmill (which I actually am starting to enjoy..crazy!) & did an interval workout I adapted from Iowa Girl Eats. Here’s what I did (from my DailyMile account):

Nice visual for you, eh? Then I hit the weights downstairs for some full body weights. I think I scared all the guys away with my legs dripping sweat. Cute!

I had a margarita on the balcony night planned with my good friend but the weather in the Midwest didn’t allow that. Luckily all the nasty storms missed Madison, but those in Missouri were not as lucky. 89 dead in one city from a treacherous tornado. 😦

Arielle and I made margherita pizza, drank margaritas, and spent about 2 hours reading. I’m onto “Something Blue” now…pretty good! Then we popped Love & Other Drugs in. This is my favorite movie mainly cause I’m in love with Jake. Who couldn’t be with a face like this?!

He’s the love of my life. You can fight for him and I will win.

Well there you have it loves, the most random post ever. I’m off for a short run… my calf is bothering me a little bit. Then I am packing up to go the WI Dells for a couple nights with my friend. Be back Wednesday.

Tell me: What are you looking forward to this week?!


8 thoughts on “Sunday Funday

  1. I’m going to have to look at this movie. I’ve never heard of it and now very curious!

    I love making my own pizza. Yours sounds so good! and no matter how much I do it, I don’t think I could ever like running. At least one of us does. 😉

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