Things I’d Do on My “Last Day”

Today was the best day ever! I mean, I had to have fun incase today was the ‘end’… <–I totally didn’t believe all that stuff but an excuse to do what I did today sounded good 😉

Here’s what I did [be prepared for lots of pictures!] & would do if I knew that it would be my last day of this precious life.

Wake up and have a delicious breakfast.
I opted to have a delicious smoothie (bluebs, rasberries, ice, vanilla yogurt, honey, granola) & a clif bar to get me jump started.

nom nom nom


of course I had coffee too… my day cannot start without it.

Put on a fun summery outfit.
Mother Nature kind of hates us here in the midwest this ‘spring’. I sucked it up and put something fun on even though I was kind of chilly:

Go to the Dane County Farmers Market. <–definitely the best farmers market EVER!!
My mom came to get her hanging baskets that she got last year [they got HUGE] & we had a really good time. Probably Definitely came out with way too many goodies and empty wallets.. but it was worth it.

My goodies: Hot & Spicy cheese bread (to dieee for), whole wheat cinnamon swirl bread, asparagus, spinach, cheddar & chive scones, unpictured breads & the best jam ever:

blackberries, rasberries, strawberries, blueberries

 My mom bought me this awesome painting. Next year I plan on hanging it with my half marathon medals & bibs to motivate me while I train for the Nashville Marathon <–more on that in the future!! 🙂

runners 🙂

I saw it and immediately knew I had to have it.
Apart from all the goodies there were beautiful people and beautiful flowers at the market. It’s my favorite part of Madison:

pretty peach tulips

the stunning Capitol building

more pretty flowers

Of course I bought two new cute summery pieces on my way back to my apartment (curse you State St!)

new top, new necklace, closed eyes (oops!)
super cute dress!

Next up: Flat Top Grill & Gigi’s Cupcakes. <–yes that’s just like DC Cupcakes.

I had a lunch date set with my roommate for next year and our moms. Of course we had to go to my fav place to eat ever. And I made a massiveeee bowl of deliciousness, obvi–


I think we sat there for 2 hours chit-chatting and driving all the other customers away from the continuous laughing. I “only” ate half that bowl of amazingness because we had dessert waiting for us right down the street!

Gigi’s cupcakes

You walk into this place and you can smell (& breathe!) the sugar. It is divine. Our moms decided to split a dozen.

are you salivating yet?!

My moms half dozen: red velvet (mineee!..interesting fact: my wedding cake will be red velvet. My husband will have zero say in that matter. even if he’s allergic. Im so sweet! ;)), margarita, I can’t remember what the bottom right is…, cherry cordial, orange dreamsicle & vegas wedding. The vegas wedding was going to stay here in my apartment for me (helllo funfetti & SPRINKLES!) but I decided I need to try to not gain 1,000 pounds.

red velvet. aka the love of my life
me & my roomie next year, Arielle!

Can’t wait to live with this girl. We have such a blast together!!

After eating I had to walk off some calories so I hit up Target to shop… what else would I do!?
I ended up getting two more books to read. “Something Blue” and “Nantucket Nights”. Looking forward to reading both of these! I also picked up a popcorn air popper… can’t wait to use that bad boy.

Perfect ending to the day…drumroll please…

I finally went on a “run”. I can hardly call it a run being that it was 2 miles. Slow. But… it is a start. Still waiting on my new running shoes. Going to try to get 4 miles in tomorrow. It’s sad how quickly you get out of shape!! (or at least feel like it).

Last but not least. If today were indeed my last day I would enter in the fabulous & beautiful Alyssa’s giveaway. Check it out ladies.

Welll I have to get up at 7am for a work meeting so I should get some beauty sleep.

Tell me: If today was your “last day” what would you make sure to do?!


3 thoughts on “Things I’d Do on My “Last Day”

  1. So much funnnness going on in this post. I am in loovee with that blue dress!! So cute! Annnd the cupcakes..make want to claw through my computer! If it were indeed going to be my last day, I would make sure to tell everyone I love how much they mean to me.

  2. beautiful cupcakes! my last day would definitely involve sugar. which is why every one of my days has dessert – live each day like your last, right!?

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