I have survived the wrath of finals! … Which also now means that I am a college senior. Which means ‘big girl’ life starts too soon. Yikes!

I’m working on writing my race recap but in the meantime now that school is not occupying my time this is what you can find me doing:

*Catching up on all your fabulous blogs.
*Writing my half marathon recap.
*Spending lots of QT with my foam roller

new best friend: Trigger Point foam roller

*Spinning, swimming, lifting, and yoga…. no running for me for a bit. 😦

not the same as running...

*Watching ridiculous amounts of movies–thank you Walmart for having DVDs (especially tons of chick flicks!) for $5/each.

chicks flicks heal all

newest movies in the collection: Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, 17 Again (hellllo Zac Efron! ;)), Yours Mine & Ours, Breakfast at Tiffanys, Girl Interrupted, She’s the Man, The Pursuit of Happiness, & Chariots of Fire

*Cooking lots of delicious meals–today I put a pork tenderloin with 1/2 c. beef stock and a diced green pepper into the crock pot. Nothing better than going to the library, going for  a swim and coming back to an apartment smelling heavenly:


*Making headway on Born to Run then Something Borrowed

reading about running is almost like running right?

I wanna see the movie too!

*Clean my DISASTER apartment: to include laundry, dusting, vaccuming, mopping, sorting, organizing, etc. Spring cleaning baby!!

*Oh, and battling the worst allergies I’ve ever experienced in my life.

I’m off to catch up on your blogs & watch some movies.

Sidenote–Did you hear about this lady who ran for 24 hours? Check it out!!


5 thoughts on “Summertime!

  1. Trigger point foam roller?! what exactly is that?

    You’ve got some GREAT books. Let me know how you like Born to Run. Something Borrowed is definitely a fun and good book.

    And She’s the Man. I love that silly movie.

    As far as your upcoming Senior Year…my words of advice…do the best to enjoy every minute. I gradauted in 2007 and miss college everyday. That’s not to say my life isn’t great now, but there was something really special about that time in my life.

    • Trigger point foam roller is the best ever! It’s made with different material so it doesnt break down & gives a harder massage than just regular foam rollers. If you’re sore I totally recommend it 🙂

      I will definitely try to enjoy my last year of school more than ever… then it’s big girl life/more school down the road!

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