Changing it Up

I wasn’t going to write until after my half marathon BUT I needed to get my May goals down before then. Lots of plans this month!

First off (grasp yourself…) I am burnt out of running; yes you heard correctly. Luckily the race is Saturday… after that I will be changing it up a little bit. I have plans to run a full marathon in April 2012 so I need to spend some off time for a while.

So without further adieu:

  1. Make a huge PR this weekend at the Wisconsin Half Marathon. Regardless of how the run turns out, it is going to be a blast of a weekend. I’m heading down there with my favorite Sam & her adorable kids.

    Sam & I after my first half mary last September

    Marathon week is the best cause it gives you excuses to eat unheard of proportions of this:


    totally normal portion size... for a runner

    2. Run the Soldier Field 10 miler for fun.
    I’ve put more than a normal amount of pressure on myself for this upcoming race. And it’s taken a toll out of me. So I’m signing up for this race with one purpose only: to have fun. Afterwards I will do some shopping and EATING with my roommate for next year and our fabulous mothers.

3. Start spending quiet, solitary “me” time.
The obstacles handed my way this past month have left my mind in complete shambles. I want to dedicate more time to myself with no music, tv, or cell phone. I will practice more yoga, go on walks outside, and let my mind wind down before shutting my eyes at night. I even plan to incorporate meditation into my life, even if it is just 5 or 10 minutes… our society is so go-go-go… everyone needs time to be peaceful and find inner harmony.


4. Rekindle my strength training regiment.
To avoid the runners burnout that I’m experiencing I want to incorporate different exercises into my schedule. I miss lifting and now that school is winding down and I no longer have a dedicated training schedule I will lift three times a week.
5. Continue to love myself first and foremost.
After things fell apart with Z, I realized that I need to love myself more regardless of my relationship status. I have wonderful friends & family to spend time with. That’s what matters.


6. Get back to healthy eating.
School & stress have made me start eating really crappy food. I want to eat more fruits & veggies…less snacking…and less refined sugars. I think I’ve had more chocolate in the past two weeks than I have had in a year… uh oh.
7. Clean my apartment… and I mean CLEAN.
After living here for two years this place needs a deeeep cleaning. I want to vacuum every square inch, dust, sort through my closet & dresser (Lord help me..). *I think this goal may be enough for me to tackle on its own!*
…and now for a fun goal! 🙂
 8. Read two books this month for PLEASURE.
Now that my professors aren’t telling me what I must read I plan on reading “Something Borrowed” and “Born to Run”. Hopefully the weather gets nice soon so I can read outside in the sunshine!
On a side note: I have a great mantra for my race this weekend:
Screw it–Run through it!
I will write this on my hand as a reminder that despite the obstacles, I have trained hard and WILL dominate my race.
That’s all folks.
Tell me: Any big May goals? Have you ever tried meditation?

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