FINALS: the clean version

FINALS=Fudge, I never actually learned this schtuff.

I have been MIA once again. Spent all of yesterday at a funeral/wake and it was draining. No rest for the weary though, I have hell week at school. With papers, finals, & presentations I’m booked solid through Monday.

EXCEPT I have my half marathon Saturday. Lets hope the training has paid off; my mind is starting to play its games with me. Cross your fingers!

Once school releases me from it’s wrath & I break 2 hours in my half I’ll be back. Expect a LONG post Monday/Tuesday about my race. 🙂

-xoxo loves

…and Im going to keep up with all you beauties obvi.


3 thoughts on “FINALS: the clean version

  1. Your race is going to go WONDERFULLY! You know you can do it 🙂 Good luck with finals and everything!

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