Confession #2: I’m a College Aged Grandma

Happy Saturday friends! Hope your weekend is fabulous. This post is all sorts of random 🙂

For starters, I certainly am NOT like all the other college kids on campus this weekend [or ever for that matter]. For all those unfamiliar with Wisconsins ability to consume ridiculous amounts of alcohol, today is something called Mifflin on the UW-Madison campus. AKA all the college kids (including people who do NOT go here!!) wake up and start drinking a 7 am. Not only does the thought of that make me vom a bit, but I do not understand! It’s been a tradition for ever; so much of a tradition that there are hundreds of cops there for this block party. There are rules designated for what you will and will not get arrested for; basically the only way you’ll get arrested in public urination and fighting.

This guy was not so lucky:


As a junior I can say that I’ve never been to Mifflin even though it’s the highlight of the year for 90%+ of the campus. It’s the last weekend before class so people go absolutely crazy.

Just ONE block of the madnesss

After my past drinking incidents, I have learned to avoid situations that surround me with alcohol and the potential of getting in trouble; it’s not worth it. Glad that I have started to care more about fitness & my body.

Not to mention respect for myself:


Anyways, I have learned to hate this weekend. Living right downtown means it’s CRAZY loud from Thursday night to about 4am Sunday morning. I tried driving to Caribou Coffee in a suburb of Madison and couldn’t even get to my car. People are literally passed out in the grass by 2pm. Does any part of this sound fun? [Other than watching this from a friends balcony! ;)]

I have come to the conclusion that I am a grandma here on campus. I couldn’t tell you all the ridiculous comments I had said to me when I was carrying my tote to go study today. Oh well, I’ll be able to wake up hangover-free and smarter tomorrow… well at least the hangover-free part. 🙂

Now that I’m done ragging on the normal life of a college kid…today I also volunteered for the 30th Annual CrazyLegs run!

It’s a 5mile run from the Capital building to the football stadium. The runners had a windy battle today. I wish I would have ran it so much. Now I have the notorious runners itch. I want to race SO STINKIN BAD. It’s probably a good thing that I volunteered cause I’ve been getting pretty overwhelmed with the training runs and time that I’ve put into all this. But now I’m ready to rock!

The male winner ran it in 24:00… thats a 4:48 pace… FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC. This is a CrazyLegs Classic record! He also looked like he wasn’t even tired.. I need whatever he eats for breakfast. It was so inspirational!

Because that took up the majority of my morning/early afternoon I have to do my last ‘long’ run [8 miles] tomorrow for this half marathon. I wish it was race day. (I’m sure you guys are sick of hearing about it anyways! 😉 )

The rest of the day I spent ‘studying’… in other words, listening to music, making a playlist, watching tv, and eating. Sounds like success to me!

Tell me: Are you a ‘grandma’ like me? 😉



3 thoughts on “Confession #2: I’m a College Aged Grandma

  1. Haha girl we are seriously the same person! I seriously get sooo fed up with the “college scene”. I am totally a college grandma, and proud of it! 🙂

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