Friday Favs

I’m back in action! Trying to stay busy and keep my mind off of things. My funeral dress is getting a lot of action this year unfortunately!

But Fridays rock because it’s Friday Favs day! Other than loving it being Friday here’s a couple favorites:

Shooting an m9.

That may sound totally scary but I have to qualify on the M9 & M4 next drill so needed some practice. My sergeant took some of us out to the range and let us shoot….talk about a stress reliever! I’m definitely ready to qualify.

Online shopping/Retail Therapy:

Here’s a sneak peak of some purchases. New Boots <– $27!

Navy & White striped jacket from Venus

…I may or may not have made 6 other purchases. But that’s for a later post 🙂

Culvers PBC Shake

Sin in a Cup

May be the most unhealthy thing in the world but it is DELICIOUS. And is sitting like a rock.

Drinking Zinfandel & ‘studying’ with my best friend.

While making a RACEDAY PLAYLIST. Can’t believe it’s one week from tomorrow.

Tell me: What’s your weekend look like?

I’ll be incredibly busy volunteering at a race and shacked up in a coffeeshop studying for finals and catching up on stuff I’ve missed with my quarter life crisis! 😉


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