Highs… & lows [& a weekend recap!]

Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter weekend! Unfortunately not everything can be roses & butterflies… there were highs and lows throughout my weekend.. don’t sweat it though it was mostly all highs! 🙂 But because this is a blog about my HIGH(s) on life I will not dwell on the low despite how much it is eating me up.

Maybe once time runs its course and it’s still bothering me I’ll elaborate more. Gotta keep ya on your toes 😉

Friday I went shopping with my mom at Coach Outlet and Banana Republic Outlet. I feel like I mention my shopaholic problem on this blog all too often. I bought: a coach tote, matching wallet & 2 scarves to jazz them up a little bit.

isn’t she beautiful?! 🙂

My mom also treated me to a makeup bag to put in it to keep all my lip glosses and schtufff organized… she’s such a doll.

Right next to Coach was Banana Republic and I was in desperate need of a top to wear for date night. I ended up getting this beautiful orangeish flowy sweater & a gold long necklace to go with it. It was soo bright & cheery—something not often found in my black/grey/dark colored closet. I love it 🙂

We also stopped at Harry & David. They’re going out of business—soo sad. Delicious goodies there. I may or may not have purchased these:

salsas, soup mix, & a bag of yogurt prezels, peanut butter balls, and mint chocolate whoppers!

& these HEAVENLY mint chocolate espresso beans…

is your mouth watering like mine?

Next up it was time for my hair appointment. My normal hairdresser is out so I went to someone else. I was nervous but she did a great job. So light & fun!

light hair & my new top from Banana Republic

Finalllly after a long school week it was date night. We saw Limitless: it was mind-blowing. I would love some of those pills without the nasty withdrawal stuff. It was rainy & the perfect night for movies. After we went and watched another movie at his place. It was a really nice night.

Saturday morning I got in my last long training run with my favorite Sam (hi Sam!!) & met another runner, Sara.

Started with my usual pre-run breakie:

never gets old!

It was not ideal conditions (ie. Super windy and a hilly route) but we ended up with 11.25 miles. It was a great way to spend my morning. And of course we scarfed down a pot of coffee & box of mac & cheese when we got back. And played with her adorable kids…. I love them!!

Got coffee with my long lost friend from Starbucks.

Then it was time for bowling night. My parents are in a league and I went to have a few drinks and watch. This is the aforementioned low. I will not go into detail but …. It doesn’t look good on the front of Z & I after this night.

Sunday was EASTER! We went to a super cute church. But it was wayyy too traditional for my liking. I go to a contemporary non-denominational so this church was tough for me to get through but I did it.

I think one of my favorite parts of Easter is seeing all the ADORABLE kids in their Easter get-ups. I wish I had my camera but I would’ve felt weird snapping pictures of random cute little kids.

I got to see my easter basket goodies:

fun stuff!

That new running get-up will be my race day outfit…weather permitting of course. I better be prepared to have thermal tights too knowing WI weather.

Then I dyed a couple dozen eggs with my mom… I love hard boiled eggs. Especially on the massive salads I am notorious for consuming. Relaxed for a little bit before heading to Gma’s for Easter lunch/dinner.

Snapped a picture of the cute table but didn’t get any of the food…mainly cause once it was in front of me it was gone 😉

HAM HAM HAM! It’s my favorite thing in the world and this ham was glorious. We also had some wicked good italiany scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, & this amazing cake my mom made:

strawberry jello cake with FRESH strawberrrries on top!

Soooo mouth-watering good & I may have had a piece when I first woke up this morning 🙂

Unfortunately it was then time to head back to Madison. Don’t judge but I nearly teared up. After a rough Saturday night the last thing I wanted to do was head back to school for the most stressful 2 weeks that are about to happen. Insert: finals, papers, presentations, quizzes, PT test, oh & no sleep. All while still training for my half that is next Saturday. Oy…

Time to hit the books… and get my mind off things!

Tell me: What was the high of your weekend? Any lows?



2 thoughts on “Highs… & lows [& a weekend recap!]

  1. Looks like you had a great Easter weekend!!! Those mint chocolate espresso beans are calling my name…
    My mom had a shopping trip to Banana Republic this weekend, too! I ❤ that store!!!

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