Peacin’ Out for the weekend

Sadly I have to go to Ft. McCoy for training AGAIN this weekend. Can’t wait until the Army gives me my weekends back.

Stay warm for me friends. It’s supposed to be in the 30s and rainy all weekend. You best believe I’ll be taking an hour long hot shower and drinking hot coffee when I return.

Have a fabulous weekend.



2 thoughts on “Peacin’ Out for the weekend

  1. I hope your weekend wasn’t too horrible and rainy and your Monday is going well.

    Oh and I didn’t see you replied to my comment (it doesn’t tell me) but I happened upon your reply and was able to read it yesterday.

    It will DEFINITELY pay off getting the education and becoming an Officer. No doubt about that! My friend’s husband is 2 units shy of his degree and yet chose to enlist, now they’re struggling to get by when all he had to do was wait 4 more months, finish and be an Officer.

    Live and learn.

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