Help! I have a problem…

So I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now but school is in full-force and consuming me.

If you’re a regular reader you’ve read that I recently started dating/seeing someone new, who I have dubbed ‘Z’. I have not dated anyone since the summer before college and that was a serious relationship. The reason why… I have a problem.

Ever since my last relationship (which was full of issues that are a bit too personal to go into detail here) I have not been able to find peace with commitment. What’s wrong with me?! I know that being afraid of commitment is relatively normal, but I have a great guy in front of me and for some reason I feel like I need to back away?

This always happens. Z treats me well, is different than what I usually like (which is good since the guys I usually like have got me nowhere..clearly), makes me laugh and smile so much, and I can be myself around him which is something I’ve never experienced in past relationships even after dating for over a year. So why is it that I feel like I have to have a mile high wall put up? It’s not fair to make him try to climb over that wall… he doesn’t deserve that challenge just because I have an issue.

Any suggestions as to overcoming the fear of commitment would be greatly appreciated cause someday I’m going to have to deal with it like a big girl! 🙂

On a different note, this week has been full of studying, research paper writing, and coffee in copious amounts. This morning I was able to fit in some 400s and a delicious breakfast!

clif bar & smoothie

Delicious clif bar & a smoothie including: Pineapple chobani, strawberries, banana & chocolate protein scoop.

Time to get back to practicing a speech I have to give at one. Hopefully after my research project is done tomorrow I’ll be able to check in on all your blogs.

Happy Tuesday!

Tell me: Have you ever feared commitment? How did you get over it? Do you think I should take a step back until I’m ready or embrace it and run with it? Ay yi yi 😉


4 thoughts on “Help! I have a problem…

  1. I’ve definitely had this feeling before. I went through a horrible relationship before finally dating my current boyfriend. It took me over a year to really open up to someone again. My recommendation is to think about why this is happening. Was your last relationship bad? What about that relationship bothered you the most? Chances are some of those old issues might still be deep-seeded in your mind, and you’ll need to tackle them before you can commit to someone else. I hope I helped a bit. Good luck, girl!

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