Every Life is Worth Living

After taking this morning to catch up on all my blogs in bed (insert: open window, coffee, and oats) I finally got around to writing this post.

Yesterday I volunteered with a 5k/10k rather than taking part in it myself. What a different element I was in. While I was itching to race myself I got to spend a lot of time reflecting as well.

It was Madison’s 30th Annual American Cancer Society 5k/10k yesterday. I helped with pre-registration with some friends.

We got our picture with our mascot: Bucky!!

❀ Bucky

It’s such a great feeling to contribute to the community, with the 3+ free cups of Caribou Coffee being an added incentive πŸ˜‰

"Caribou. LIfe is short. Stay awake for it."

This cup was super cute & had great ‘feel good’ comments on it:

A goodnight text.

cool breezes in the trees

Whoever wrote this one is mine (& many other foodies) best friend:

Backwards dinners--eat ice cream first

A 3 way tie for the best:

If these don’t make you feel good i dunno what will!

Puddle Stompin'

Best answer: Cake for Breakfast.

Running Through the Sprinkler =D


So onto the meet of this post. Volunteering for the ACS walk allowed me to thank God for the cards he’s dealt me. When I was in 8th grade my dad was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer at the age of 40. We were blindsided. He was going in for some testing because he got hit in the head at work with a big metal hook (only about 2 years ago did we find out that he has Autonomic Dysfunction Syndrome–but that’s for another post).

During all the testing he very luckily found out that he had prostate cancer & they were able to perform a surgery and he was cancer-free. Or so we thought. About two years later his PSA levels had risen so he had to go through a bout of radiation.

My dad is a fighter. He is a Survivor & I admire him for it. Seeing all the people running for finding a cure, or running in honor/memory of someone brought tears to my eyes at the starting line. Cancer is an ugly thing and I would love to see a cure before I die.

While I definitely was itching to run the race, I have decided next year I will be partaking in organizing the entire event. Helping out the community and being involved in something I love (running!) was such an empowering feeling.

Here's to Hope.

After volunteering I had to jet back to campus to partake in a Suicide Awareness Walk. I walked for Riley. We all got this armbands that said Riley’s Army on them and wore them proudly. There were some great guest speakers and a capella groups that came in to spend their afternoon. Our Dean of Students gave a great speech and these words rang true: “Every Life is Worth Living”.

We miss you Riley.

Suicide is a lot like cancer. Often you never see it coming then BAM! It shows it’s dark face. Sometimes it takes the lives of the ones you love, sometimes it just hangs there like a dark cloud.

Ask. Listen. Save.

That was the motto of this event and it couldn’t be more true. Take the time to get to know people, you never know what they’re feeling on the inside. Every 16.2 minutes someone in the US commits suicide. This can be prevented. Riley could still have been here had someone asked. listened. saved.

After such an inspiration morning (albeit emotional) I was ready to tackle my training run. This run showed me how even though mentally I could never have been more ready for it, sometimes your body screams no. I ran past the MadCity 100k (um helllo inspiration!) & reflected on the morning.

Ready ready ready, ready to run!

Sadly this weeks stressors and exhaustion finally caught up with me. I was stuck in a 9:40 pace (not even close to my 9:10 goal pace..) and just going through the motions.

I think at mile 8 I finally started feeling like I was running through air rather than carmel. I had went out for 11, was shooting for 13.1, but settled at 10.

Still good mileage and while it may not have felt good, the weather was absolutely beautiful. Which in turn brought out all the beautiful Madisonians down by the lake drinking beer and eating ice cream. It may not have been the best run but it was such a mind cleanse and I’m glad I pushed through the 10 miles.

57.. and gorgeous!

Unfortunately it was time to hunker down in the library. I set up post and got workin’

the essentials: macbook, phone, starbucks, music & Chobani!

Well bless your soul if you made it through this post!

Up Next: Laundry, Cleaning apartment, froyo with my bestest friend/sister, and a dinner date with Z.

Happy Weekend!


Tell me: What/who inspires you?



8 thoughts on “Every Life is Worth Living

  1. I love (and have lived by) the eat ice cream first saying. Just a few weeks ago in fact. Had a bowl, ate dinner, then had another bowl. It warmed my soul…if that’s possible for ice cream to do that. haha

    Have you joined the Army? You said you were in the military, but below in an older post you were thinking of joining. Are you finishing up college first so you can be an officer? ((am I being too nosy??) ok I’ll stop.

    Have a great Sunday then. =)

    • Emily– I’ve been enlisted since last April. I’m doing ROTC too so yes I’ll be an officer in a little over a year now! πŸ™‚ While sometimes I wish I was just enlisted I know that getting an education is important too!

  2. What a cool idea to help organize the event! That’s so awesome. So happy for your family that your dad was able to beat it!
    And way to go with your training run! 10 miles ROCKS no matter what you went out there hoping for. It’s always important to listen to your body when it says stop!

  3. I love that you volunteered for a race! i’ve never done that but it’s a great idea… I’ve lost WAY too many people to cancer so I’d love to be involved in something like that
    That is the cutest coffee cup!

  4. Great job on volunteering for a race- that is always so much fun i think!
    I get insprired from so many different things- people, book, songs,pictures, quotes, etc. I think inspriation can be found anywhere- you just have to open your eyes and look around! πŸ™‚

  5. Just happened to come across your blog today and this was a powerful post. Cancer and suicide are really hard topics to discuss. I wrote a children’s book on cancer b/c my friend’s mom was diagnosed when we were in elementary school and it was something that stuck with me my whole life b/c no one ever talked to kids about it. I’m glad your dad is a fighter and a survivor. I’ve learned so much from the survivors I’ve worked with.

    Look forward to reading more! πŸ™‚

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